My Part

Brad is in Atlanta, training for this summer’s Africa trip. I have wanted to go to Africa SO BAD but have many reasons why it just didn’t seem possible. Who will watch the boys? How will we pay for it? Realistically, I just couldn’t see it happening. You know me, the dream killer. Brad sees possibility, I see all the road blocks. But after talking to him this morning and hearing his excitement for the trip. I really wanted to go. I have been praying about it for months but honestly didn’t want to make the sacrifices it would require for me to go. God told me this morning that there were things I could do to help pay for this trip and He would take care of the rest.
So I got up, made me an Africa fund jar and started scouring the house for change. That was the easy part. Then God said, “put your $100 in there.”
“What?” You see my dad has always taught me to keep a $100 tucked away for emergencies-he is also the one that gives me the $100 to tuck away 🙂
That $100 is my security. Brad and I are strictly on a cash budget and every two weeks he gives me my cash and I divide it up into categories. But I always have that $100 tucked away just in case. It makes me feel better knowing it is there. Today, God said trust me, knowing I am always there and I am way better than $100 bill. Make me your security. It hurt a bit adding that $100 to the jar.
There are many reasons why we say we can’t go on a trip but for me, today I realized the main reason was because it would hurt a little. It would cause some sacrifice. It would cause me to have to trust Him and not my own resources (which aren’t much).
Each two weeks I get a certain amount of fun money that I can use for whatever I want – coffee or lunch out, a new shirt – you get the point. God said, add some of that to the jar each two weeks. Now I am really starting to feel this, it’s hurting a little more, that is my coveted fun money 🙂
My $100 and part of my fun money is a long way off from what I need to go to Africa but I am doing what He asks and giving what I have and trusting him to take care of the rest. He promised He could handle His part while I was taking care of my part.
Please pray for me as I do my part!


2 thoughts on “My Part

  1. I want to go too!!! It’s funny how quickly we blow money on stuff we want!! Then, when it comes to things that really matter, we can hardly find the funds. I’m with ya girl!

    1. I know, what’s up with that??? Drew and I wanted to stop for drinks at the gas station after workouts. We went home instead, I put that $5 in my jar. Can’t wait to go to Africa with you!!!

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