Some Days

There are days when I love living where we live. There are days when a kid tells me he wants to be just like us when he grows up and I am encouraged. There are days when I know it is worth it, a difference is being made. Then there are days like today. . . Days when I when bikes and phones get stolen from the basketball courts or the backyard. Days when I wish the “s” word was shut up or that the notes my first grader gets in class are a simple “do you like me? Yes or no? Instead, I cant even write what kind of note he gets. Some days I wonder if I am helping some kids but hurting mine?
Some days I gladly open my doors and welcome each visitor. Today, I lock the door begging for a few minutes of quiet. Some days I love that my backyard is open for all the world to see and come play. Some days I can find a spiritual truth behind every circumstance and some days I sit in the back yard just begging God to change my angry heart.
Here I sit, soaking up sun asking the SON to change my mood and to please make all horns stop beeping. I can’t read my book with all the noise. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Some Days

  1. Bless your heart, Sweetie. I know it gets discouraging at times but you have the right heart. Love you!

  2. Your words are so ecouarging today, this morning in our household was crazy & it was taking all my might not to let “cranky” mummy out of her cage lol.
    Jesus was so my strength and calm this morning. Praying He too, for you will be your strength and calm.

    Kristie xx

    1. Glad to hear, some days I hesistate to vent the frustrations but glad to have community where we all feel life on earth! Waiting for Heaven!

  3. Kasey…..your so very amazing to me. I see the things you do and I wonder how it is possible to have so much patience and love for a community. I appreciate and love you very much. There is gonna come a day when you get to lay your crown t Jesus’ feet. Your reward will be great. Way more than cell phones and bikes. I cant wait to see it…Thanks for all that you do. I am pretty sure the boys are layin up some treasures in heaven too, just because they have have a Godly Mom to show them how to love like Jesus does.

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