A Praying Life: Week 2

This week, we will discuss Chapters 3-5.
Chapter 3
Why is it so important to come to God just as you are (p.32-34)? Why can this be so hard for us?

How does the knowledge that you can come to Jesus, distracted, weary and cynical (like Nathaniel) impact you? How is this like the Gospel?

What is the heart of prayer (p. 34-35)?

Chapter 4
Think of a child you know. What do they ask for? How often? In what way?

In what way are you similiar to and different from that child as you talk to your Father?

Take five minutes to talk with God, “to play.” Talk to him about what you mind wanders to. What as that like for you?

Chapter 5
Why did Jesus need to pray?

On page 47, Paul writes, “You don’t create intimacy; you make room for it.” How is this true with all relationships? What happens when we don’t create time?

What objection to prayer do you relate to the most? (p.49)

What are some suggestions in the book (p.50) that might help you have a more focused prayer time with your Father? Try them tomorrow.

This week read chapters 6-8


5 thoughts on “A Praying Life: Week 2

  1. Chp 3: Coming as I am… this was interesting. I was so challenged to be real with God. Who am I kidding!? I praise Him for bringing people into my life that are faithful to buffet me. I am blessed they care about me to say something (hurtful and yet they show a glimpse of caring just that much…) I struggle. Honestly. God already knows the issues and yet, I am afraid to come to him as I am, cause I might get him dirty. I am weary. Cynical. DISTRACTED. I am so busy that I miss God whispering my name. So busy in fact – I only got through the 3rd chapter. Praying you are being blessed and challenged. Talk soon on 4 and 5.

  2. I think there is something in all of us that wants to clean ourselves up before we come to God instead of coming weary and sinful. I am hoping that my knowledge of this will push me to go to God first.
    The playing and childlike wonder is hard for me – I am asking God to show me how to have a childlike heart. I love how he give C.S. Lewis as an example.
    Very interesting to think about Jesus in his humaness needing to pray – he did, why don’t I???

  3. Somehow, I completely missed this post. I found myself wondering where it was. Weird.
    Chapter 3: Coming as I am? Having accepted Jesus at the age of 28, I already had a lot of years learning how to do life, and how to do it right. Naturally, that pervasive attitude spilled right over into my Christianity. And there are certainly those in the church who would further that perspective, whether they knew it or not. It is so hard to unlearn these things, but it is also so freeing. The Lord has been doing a lot of undoing of my Christian life in the past couple of years and it’s truly exciting. My bigger issue is just not bringing things to the Lord in the first place. I can pray for others much better and more often. But when it comes to me? I have nothing to say or I don’t want to bother Him or I’ll handle it or whatever other lame excuse I may have.

    “…I regularly forget the simplicity of prayer. I become depressed, and after failing to fix my depression, I give up on myself and remain distant from God. I forget the openness of my Father’s heart. He wants me to come depressed, just as I am.

    I SO needed that.

    Chapter 4. Sigh. To believe like a child. I’ve been in the place of “But as we get older, we get less naive and more cynical. Disappointment and broken promises are the norm instead of hoping and dreaming. Our childlike faith dies a thousand little deaths.”

    I have lived in a place of safely low expectations</I. for so many years. Which is a ridiculous oxymoron anyway. It's really a sad place of mediocrity. A place where nothing happens anyway, so who cares? If my hope is in Christ, what does that say? That I expect nothing from Him? Ouch. Nothing like a slap in the face of my Lord. He gave me ALL, but still I expect nothing? Cynical indeed.

    The section on Learning to Play Again was so powerful for me. “How do we structure our adult conversation? We don’t. Especially when talking with old friends, the conversation bounces from subject to subject. It has a fun, meandering, play-like quality. Why would our prayer time be any different? After all, God is a person.” That is SO me {precisely why my blog is called Bunny Trails!} as I am ALL OVER THE PLACE. But I’ll buy the lie of the enemy as I beat myself up for not being able to stay focused during prayer time. It often causes me to just get up and go do something else. What a LIE! How absurd to think that God would not want me to bother talking with Him if I can’t stay on track. My friends certainly don’t do that. We bounce all over the place in conversation. If anything, God can keep up with my erratic ADD bunny trails better than anyone, right?

    This quote really hit me: “Time in prayer makes you even more dependent on God because you don’t have as much time to get things done. Every minutes spent in prayer is one less minute where you can be doing something ‘productive.’ So the act of praying means that you have to rely more on God.” AMEN to that! I tend to focus so much on productivity. It’s the way I measure my time, my day, my very life. But I’m learning to see my life as more than what I accomplish. To see it in moments and the value of those moments. He certainly is big enough to handle my life and what needs to be done. He is big enough to direct me to what really matters and teach me how to let go of the other things. He’s also big enough to work things out my hands so it’s not my issue in the first place.

    Whew. This book is definitely rocking my prayer life. In a very necessary and good way.

    1. > “…I regularly forget the simplicity of prayer. I become depressed, and after failing to fix my depression, I give up on myself and remain distant from God. I forget the openness of my Father’s heart. He wants me to come depressed, just as I am. I SO needed to read that again. I might have to continually read this book for the rest of my life just to get all the truths I am learning!

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