Trash Day

Trash day happens to be one of my favorite days of the week. I love getting rid of all the junk. I try to go through the refrigerator, pantry and walk through the house for any trash I see lying around. I look for anything I can throw away and get out of the house. I love to watch the trash men pull up and empty all that trash into the truck and drive away with it. It gives me great satisfaction to get rid of it of the garbage that has piled up in the house.

It hit me this morning that this is what God wants to do with us if we let him. He wants to remove the garbage. He paid his life for my filth. When I was watching the guys put my trash into the truck I closely watched as the trash went in the back and this big metal piece came down on top of my trash (think Toy Story 3) and crushed my garbage to the point that it was unrecognizable. Just like they did to Jesus, “he was crushed for our iniquities, pierced for our transgressions, the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed (Is.53:5)” What a price He paid for me to be able to bring my trash to him to remove!

I read a few weeks ago that the Catholic church was creating an app for the iPhone to walk people through the ten commandments and offer ways to get one to think about the sins they may have committed in their lives. I think they are on to something, I wonder if we inspected our hearts like I do my house to get rid of the junk how much cleaner our relationships would be, with the Lord and with others.

Yes, I know I have had a theme going the past few days – SIN. God is dealing with me and my sin. He is dealing with my attitudes, my pride, my stubbornness, my grumpiness, ALL of it. It is not fun at the moment but just like watching that truck drive away with my trash – God cleans my heart and I feel better, eventually.

Psalms 30 is one of my favorites and tells us this:
His anger over our sin is momentary but his favor lasts a lifetime.
Our weeping may remain for a night but joy comes in the morning.

I am thankful for a new day today, where His mercies are new and needed!


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