A Praying Life Week 1

Hello Friends! How are y’all? I have had one of those weeks. Life is often just frustrating, this fallen world has been evident this week. It is not that anything bad has happened, it is just a little frustrations that not handled correctly evolves into a bad attitude in me. I am working on stopping and trying to handle each little frustration and lay it at the feet of Jesus instead of blowing up after I have let little things get to me.
Chapter one and two have been just what I needed! I hope y’all have enjoyed reading it as much as I have.
Please introduce yourself and pick two or three questions to comment on.
Chapter One
1. Paul writes, “Kim’s muteness was testimony to a silent God. Prayer, it seemed, doesn’t work.” When in your life has prayer not seemed to work? (p.14)
2. Paul writes of quiet cynicism, spiritual weariness and doubts that grow in us. Which of these do you relate most easily to? (p.14)
3. Paul writes, “Praying exposes how self-preoccupied we are and uncovers our doubts. It was easier on our faith NOT to pray.” Why is it easier on our faith not to pray? (p.15)
4. Imagine that prayer is like being on the phone with your earthly father. What is it like to talk with your heavenly father?
a. Dry (What do I say?)
b. Desperate (I’m calling because I’m really in trouble and I don’t know who else to call?)
c. Dutiful (I’m calling because it is a special day or scheduled time)
d. Drowsy (I just can’t keep my eyes open – gonna need some coffee . . . )
e. Disconnected (Hello? Is anybody there?)
f. Distracted (Uh, sorry, Dad. I gotta run . . . . . gotta get to work)
g. Distant (Do you even care what’s going on with me?)
h. Dependent (I can’t make it through the day without talking to you)
i. Delightful (Can you believe we’ve been on the phone for a whole hour already?)
Chapter Two
1. Describe the differences between an isolated prayer life and a prayer-intwined life. (p.21)
2. After reading Paul’s examples, what good things can come out of a prayer-intertwined life? (p.21 second paragraph)
3. How does a praying life affect a busy life? (p. 23-24)
4. How does the prospect of having a vibrant, powerful praying life make you feel?
a. Anxiety (What if something – or nothing – happens?)
b. Anticipation (I can’t wait – let’s go)
c. Awe (Who me, have that kind of relationship with God?)
d. Apathy (Who cares? It’s not that important to my life.)
e. Arrogance (I don’t need God’s help-I can do life myself.)
f. Alienation (He probably won’t listen to MY prayers.)

I will offer my answers in comments, I can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say!!!!!


13 thoughts on “A Praying Life Week 1

  1. Chapter 1
    2. Quiet cynicism is what I relate the most too. I am beginning to realize just how much my quiet cynicism is affecting my relationship with the Lord.
    3. I think it is easier on our faith not to pray. For me it is easier not to ask then to be disappointed if I get a no. It is that self protection. I would rather not trust than trust and be hurt.
    4. Dutiful – I often find myself praying, reading etc because I know I am supposed too not because I WANT to. Now, I have found that more I am dutiful and do the work the more I long for it. It is like my attitude changes if I stick with it. Day one is dry, day two gets less dry, day three I find something in HIs word that amazes me and so on and so on. The problem is I ususally quit before I get the the amazement point.

    1. Hey Kasey, I totally can relate to how you often find yourself reading etc…because of duty. I do the same and have had people tell me that I’m being “legalistic” but I always tell those that once I get going and over that dry spell that I notice my desire to be in the Word increases.

  2. Chapter 1 – WOW! I was hit between the eyes!
    3. It is easier not to pray and ask then to get the answer I either 1. Dread or 2. don’t want. I guess I realized I really pray – my will be done. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

    4. b. Desperate. I usually WAIT. WHY!?!? How much more do I put myself through because I wait until I am desperate? My desperation grows when my flesh and blood friends don’t have God’s answer to give me. Or if they do, and I disagree. Yup. There it is. My self-absorption.

    Chapter 2
    4. I feel sad. I want to have an amazing prayer life. I honestly feel sometimes I can attain this on my own. After-all, it’s up to ME to pray right? And what about praying for others? Should I pray for their requests or for their prayer life? Or both and really I kinda stink at it so, does God hear my less fervent prayers, from my not – so – righteous heart?

    1. It is amazing me to how I can fool myself into thinking I am doing what God is asking, Pray my will be done yet still keeping a protective layer around my heart. It is like my mouth is saying what I know he wants to hear but my heart is still heavily guarded from Him.

  3. Hey girls.
    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who wonders if God WILL answer a prayer or not. We all know HE can…so that is where MY cynicism comes into play. Sad day. Then, it makes me not want to pray, or at least to pray w/ much effort. I’ve had times where I’ve prayed so dang hard for something w/ all my heart, emotions convinced that God would answer and from my eyes, He has not…at least yet. His timing not mine, right ๐Ÿ™‚
    As for Chapter 1 I loved that Miller said that “Consequently, a praying life isn’t something that you accomplish in a year. It’s a journey of a lifetime.” -That freed me up in wanting it now, like today, this instant. And from the guilt that I can feel when I fail at prayer.
    In Chapter 2 I love this “A needy heart is a praying heart. Dependency is the heartbeat of prayer.” Well…I have a needy hear so I guess that makes me also have a praying heart! Yay!
    Sometimes we just don’t see our own progress in this area of prayer,but we are making some I’m sure!

  4. Looks like this is going to be a very eye-opening book.

    It’s definitely *easier* on our faith not to pray; what I refer to as ‘safely low expectations.’ If you never expect anything, you won’t be disappointed. Which is a terrible place to live. And far from how God wants me to live.

    I could answer most of those responses to talking with my Heavenly Father at various times. I think I feel guilty, though, when I don’t regularly sit down to have prayer time. Although going into chapter 2, that would be the isolated prayer time. Not that having a dedicated time to just pray is bad, but it also needs to be an integral part of our daily lives. And it’s not about duty and guilt. I want it to be as much a part of my day as breathing. When we have a prayer-intwined life, it becomes a more natural response to take everything to the Lord as it comes up. While we may not ‘see’ Him, He’s always there with us, so how completely natural it is to have an ongoing conversation with someone. Of course, there will be times of quiet and that’s okay, too.

    I’ve always viewed someone with a ‘vibrant prayer life’ as one who has a consistent, scheduled time during which they sit someplace quiet and pray for long chunks of time. But I don’t think that’s really true. How can Paul say that he prays continually for people if he’s also working, traveling, and other things if that’s how it’s done? It truly is an issue of continual communication with our Heavenly Father – the prayer-intwined life.

  5. Argh!!! So sorry I’m so late on this! Has been a crazy week and I actually had the readig done on time! Ok, so here goes:
    My name is Lindsay. I’m from Albuquerque and have been friends with Kasey for many years. I am so excited to join with everyone in this space to meditate on what the Lord is showing all of us about prayer.
    Chapter 1:
    2) I have a combination I think of doubt and weariness all wrapped up into one messy ball of unbelief WAY too often. I often feel overwhelmed in praying, like I’m just wasting my time if God already knows how it’s all going to happen in my life. It gets to be where I fill my time doing all sorts of ridiculous, time wasting things, while avoiding going to God at seemingly all costs.
    3) I think it’s easier on my life not to pray because then I don’t get disappointed. I can trick myself into thinking that I’ve got such a solid faith but being oh so trusting, but in reality it can be easier because I don’t have to face what happens if my prayers aren’t answered in the way I was wanting.
    Chapter 2:
    3) I loved how he said “learing to pray doesn’t offer us a less busy life; it offers us a less busy heart.” I’ve been discovering more and more that the peace in my heart, when resting in Christ, savoring Him, and appreciating the way He reveals Himself frees up the anxiety I feel from the outside busyness of my life. Oh Lord, please continue revealing this truth to me – over and over!!!

    1. I think it is so interesting how we have all said almost the same thing. Especially about how we all trick ourselves into asking less so we won’t be disappointed – wondering what THAT is all about. What creates that in a whole generation?

  6. Kasey – you may want to let people know (if they don’t already) that they can check the box at the bottom of the comment section to be notified when there are more comments posted. It’s a great way to be more interactive. If I don’t do that, I know I’ll never remember to look back and see if anyone else wrote anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

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