In effort to encourage others to make the sacrifice to take a mission trip this year I am going to post some old blogs:

Today was my first day home from Peru. It is Sunday morning. Church day.

I walked into my closet to get ready and, due to the huge mess I made last night unpacking from our trip, I had piles of clothes and junk everywhere. I began digging through piles of clothes and shoes.

Where were my brown boots? Not the dark brown boots but the light brown. Not the cowboy books – they were so two years ago. Not the round toe pair. Or the pointy elf like boots because last time I checked (probably two years ago) those were going out of style. I was thinking that the light brown with more of a square toe was what I needed. You know me, style queen. 🙂

While digging through shoe after shoe  . . . tennis shoes, running shoes, sandals, dressy shoes, flats, heels, boots, you are getting the picture.
I mean, I have my blog named after high heels for goodness sake. I have me some shoes.

My heart stopped. So many choices. So many shoes.

I sat there in the floor of my closet broken.

Broken because, while I dug through shoe after shoe, I now know one too many children whose only pair of shoes looks like this.

Or this.


3 thoughts on “Shoes

  1. So I’m curious – can we box up a bunch of shoes and send them to those kids? Is there a venue by which that could be done? If so, wouldn’t it be cool to have a big huge shoe drive? Obviously, they’d need to be practical for these kids, but who doesn’t have extra shoes here in the US?

    1. We are working right now on the best way to get shoes to them. It is hard to just box up and mail. As soon as we find the best way, I will let you know and y’all can begin collecting in CO!

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