Skinny Jeans

I don’t know if you are like me but when skinny jeans first became the trend, I said I would not wear those awful looking jeans. I thought that unless you were six-foot tall and rail thin – skinny jeans should not be worn. They just didn’t look right on the normal body, I need some flare at the bottom to cancel out my bottom! Slowly, but surely I began to see them everywhere and on everyone. The more I saw them the less weird they looked. I ventured out and bought be a pair of slim jeans – close to the same effect but not totally skinny. The first time I wore them, I felt uncomfortable – they weren’t my favorite look but the more I wore them, the more they grew on me. Before long, I was wanted my own pair of skinny jeans. If I could get used to straight jeans, I sure could get used to wearing skinny jeans. So I grabbed my best girlfriends (the kind who will tell you the truth) and headed to Target to get me some skinny jeans (I know I am about two years behind and I hear wide leg is coming back but that is beside the point). I found a pair and uncomfortably wore them for the first time to church yesterday. A few more times wearing them and I think I will be used to them and that will be about the time they are out of style.

It dawned on me while running this morning that this is what I do with sin. The first time I encounter sin, I say to myself, I won’t do THAT. I encounter that sin more and more and it begins to not feel so sinful. Then the world shows me that sin over and over again it very attractive ways.They make what I once thought was awful begin to look normal. I become like Eve doubting and questioning in my head if God really said that was wrong? If God really meant that the sin would hurt me? I slowly fade from thinking I would never do that particular thing to finding it a perfectly normal activity. How guilty am I of allowing my views of sin to change based on my comfortable acceptance of it?

We encountered this exact issue with our son this weekend. He wanted to see a movie that all the kids were going to see and we checked it out and it alluded to sexual behavior we thought totally inappropriate. Do you remember the first time you saw sexual behavior alluded to that you were shocked? Now, we aren’t even shocked anymore. We have seen inappropriate behavior so much we no longer find it shocking. Things that would have shocked us as teens, no longer even phases our kids – they see it and hear it so often it is their normal. Our kids are steadily being shown and told that what we think is inappropriate is totally normal. I saw on the news last week that teenage girls are depicted in the media as sexual beings more than any OTHER age group. Our teenage girls through modern media are being told that the flaunting of their sexuality is what makes them special and important. My teenage boy is seeing that and being told that this is what to be expected from other teenage girls.

What can we do? How do we fight the influence that are surrounding us? We must retrain our brains. (And not go watch junk – DUH!) Our brains are daily, minute by minute being trained by the world that sin is okay. We are being inundated with messages that tell us that what we once thought was awful looking now seems attractive. Skinny jeans are looking better and better to us the more we see them. Romans tells us “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” We have to fight the messages being sent to us by renewing our mind with His word. This is the only way to win this battle. I am afraid we aren’t counteracting the messages we, and our kids are receiving with His truth. Sunday morning church is not enough to fight the minute by minute darts the world is shooting in our heads. We must change what we see as normal by what the Bible says is true. We must negate the messages sent to us through commercials, movies, and others by what He says is right.


6 thoughts on “Skinny Jeans

  1. sin is so like skinny jeans!!!! Great blogpost!!!!!!!!! Very thought provoking…and convicting!!!!
    Now write on why leggings are not a pant!!!!

  2. Jenn Pecasting told me about this post! I had such a similar problem this week when my teen wanted to see a movie rated PG13 for sexual content and teen partying. Just one more thing I have to deal with as a parent. Great post!

  3. Moving out to the country with no tv and media isn’t sounding like to shabby of an idea is it? 🙂

    And while you brought up jeans, I want some Wranglers (loose fit). They will never go “out” of style because they never were IN style. They just feel good.


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