A Day in the Life of our Neighbor

The following are the thoughts of my neighbor told by me:

“My daughter tosses and turns, fitfully sleeping next to me, fever causing her body to sweat. I only have a few more pills from the Tylenol bottle the church gave us. I wonder if I should give her one of the last small pills. Will it make her sleep better? Will I need the pills for something else, they are almost gone. Will they give me more?

I can’t sleep for worry fills my head. How am I going to get her to the doctor? I know the bus doesn’t run on a Saturday morning, do I have enough change for a cab? No, no more cash.

Morning dawns and we walk to the emergency room and wait for hours to be seen by the doctor. I am tired, very tired. We finally see a doctor, it’s the flu.

We stumble home and knock on the neighbor’s door asking for a ride to the pharmacy. Thankfully, my neighbor takes me. I head into Kmart only to be told that they are out of the flu medicine. What am I going to do now? I turn my doctors slip into my Kmart supervisor, I can’t work for four days. How will I pay for groceries?

We drive around looking for another pharmacy with flu meds. We finally find one and my neighbor buys me some children’s Tylenol and Motrin. I go home relieved that I can get my babies fever down, maybe tonight we will get some sleep.”


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