The Editor

I have my first official rough draft of the book thanks to Brad and my parents for a week away in Dallas. Now, comes the hard part. The revisions, the grammar fixes, the spell checks. I thought I would dread having someone mark up my writing. But I really don’t. I actually look forward to it. There is something about the process that encourages me to get better. I like to haggle things out, I like to discuss and argue and do whatever it takes to get the point across. It is important to me and I want the end result something that God will be proud of. I am more of a teacher than a writer – I want my readers to get the message – the lesson learned. My editor (that sounds way more official than it really is) is helping me engage the heart behind the lesson.
The sweet friend who is editing sent me a copy of my preface with edits with a note letting me know what she was doing and what the end result would be. I think she was scared I was going to freak out from all the marks. I loved it. I loved that she prodded me to share a bit more here. That she fixed the way I said something wrong in the first sentence. That I could have written this line with more heart and more detail. It made me better. It will for sure make the book better.
It makes me think of the verse as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. Editing is sharpening and we all need an editor in our lives. The Holy Spirit should first and foremost be our Editor and much time should be spent asking Him, should I have done this? Not done this? The Holy Spirit can prod us where we need to change or what we need to fix. He can sure give us the wisdom to speak kindly and honestly. But we also need others that we allow in our lives to gently read our lives and give us some feedback. It might prick a bit or it might feel good just to talk it through. But surrounding ourselves by others who want what is pleasing to the Lord and best for us is a good thing. A great thing.
Naturally we fear criticism – it can hurt but it also brings a refining we all need and makes us more useful for His purposes. I have heard it said the Christian isn’t one who is perfect but can admit, apologize, and restore relationships. Having others around to help us see ourselves more clearly will make us better and our lives more useful for HIM.


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