Ok, I totally bribed Jackson to go to school this morning. I told him if he didn’t shed a tear, have his teacher call me to pick him up because his stomach hurt and he stayed on purple – I would take him to Starbucks after school. He lit up and walked right out the door. Starbucks is a huge treat for him and he asks me almost daily for a caramel apple spice.
I was thinking – what do YOU bribe your kids to do and with what? What is the golden token you can use to get your kids to do what you need them too??


5 thoughts on “Bribes!

  1. O my goodness…did you see my Facebook post this morning? I used Chick Fil A to bride my kids just this morning. When this post popped into my email box, I was almost scared to open it because I thought you were going to say something like “Can you BELIEVE those parents that bride their kids to do things…especially with food?!?!?” I was freaking out! Then I opened this and laughed out loud!!! You know, sometimes you just have to do what works. My kids take FOREVER on school mornings, no matter how much I prepare the night before. This morning, I just wans’t in the mood to keep prodding them along, so I used a bride. I’ll tell you what – they were waiting for me!!! Ya I know!!! Teeth brushed, chores done, lunches packed, backpacks ready, car started and waiting at the front door for me. I LOVE IT!!!!

    1. I told drew yesterday after I had to take a poster board up to his school that he owed me a week of no arguing!!! Not only do I bribe occasionally – I make them pay me back!! I love you girl!

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