Reading Plans

Brad and I headed to Lifeway last night to search for him a bible so that he can read through the bible. He is debating the One Year Chronological Bible, The Bible in 90 Days, and Professor Horner’s Bible Reading Plan.

I am not much help because I think we all need to do all of them. I think we need the Chronological Bible so we can see a clear picture of events through time. I think we need the Bible in 90 days to help us see the big picture. We often pull out a verse here and a verse there yet without reading the whole think in a big lump we miss the big message of the Bible. After you have done both of these, I think Professor Horner’s is the best way to get us in each part of the Bible every day.

So, what do you think? What are you going to do this year?



10 thoughts on “Reading Plans

  1. You make me laugh because I am on board with what you say!! I’m going to start Bible in 90 days and then back with good ol’ Prof. Horner 😛

  2. I’m reading 3 chapters a day, Gen. to Rev. Looking forward to getting started tomorrow! I like the idea of the 90 days!!!!!!

  3. I love you perspective, Kasey. I’ve never done the Bible in 90 days, so that sounds intriguing. Of course, I’ve never read the Bible in 365 days, either. Ha! Ha! I tried Prof Horner’s plan, but that didn’t last terribly long. I find that I really do not like reading multiple books of the Bible at one time. Which is odd, considering that i read multiple books at the same time which are not the Bible. I have the chronological Bible, but have not read through it in its entirety. One thing that’s a little frustrating with it (wouldn’t apply if you’re just reading straight through) is that when you want to look up something in the book of Colossians, for example, it’s very hard to find. And there’s no index or anything to help you locate it. LOL!! Maybe I’ll dust it off and go through it in 2011. It would be nice to actually get through the entire Bible in a year. Thanks for the encouragement and sorry for rambling and not answering your question. I’ll try to stop thinking aloud in your blog comments. Happy New Year! 🙂

  4. Since it is Jan. 3, it may be a little late to put my opinion in here but…here goes. The first time I did this, I used the Chronological Bible. I thought that it would be easier to understand, as I had never read the bible through. My Sunday school teacher at the time was Pat Martin (Step Martin’s wife) and she encouraged/challenged her class to do this…and I finished!! It has been a few years since that time and I have decided it is time again for the challenge. This year I am reading 3 chapters a day of The Message Bible. As a mother and wife, who also works full time, it would be a major challenge for me to complete it in 90 days! I know that God will give me some morsel of time to read each day…I just have take advantage of it.

  5. I just got the One Year Chronological Bible. I have been saved for 24 years and never read through the entire Bible before within 1 year. I am so excited. It’s so different to read through in order. What kind did Brad get?

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