Got Junk Pt. 2

Well, Kasey’s post was so good that I am going to try and play off of that for this post. You know how these kinds of things work out though – sequels are never as good as the original. When I read her post I thought of those trucks that drive around town and have GOT JUNK? painted on them. From what I can tell someone is making money off of our junk. They either charge you to carry off your junk or they take your junk and sell it at a thrift shop. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure? Let’s hope that one man’s “sin” junk isn’t another man’s treasure. God treasures us – junk and all. He takes our junk and EVEN then still treasures us. Often times I try and take my junk and mask it. I cover it up. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. Well, this week our department had a gentleman do devotions for us. It spoke something to me in an audible voice that I believe God has been trying to show me in different ways for some time now – I just hadn’t been paying attention or more so, it was that I was choosing not to listen to Him. The man was talking about going through a dark period in his life that actually landed him in serious need of medical attention. After going to several doctors and specialists, they were treating him for depression until they realized that he had Parkinson’s Disease. This disease apparently causes symptoms of extreme depression and anxiety. His physicians had been treating him depression and anxiety rather than the disease. This caused other serious problems to arise because they weren’t treating the root of the problem – only the symptoms he had. I started thinking about how some medications that are prescribed today by physicians may help the symptoms, but what about the root cause of the medical problem? Are they looking for the root of problem, or only taking care of the symptoms? And we all have heard those advertisements for medications today and all of the other side effects that they may cause while treating one issue. So, what’s worse…dealing with the issue you have, or taking medication that will help that one issue and cause 20 different ones? Let me just say right here – I am NOT opposed to medication or medical treatment – I am using it as an illustration for the remainder of my post. In our spiritual journey when he hit a problem, a dark period of time, a hiccup, a minor issue or the major ones, do we deal with the root cause of the problem, or do we cover up our junk with “medications” that help that one area, but cause 20 other areas to be inflamed? Often times we are looking for the magic 10 steps to take to make it right again. I believe we should be looking for the root of the problem, seek what it is that the Lord is trying to teach us and get into His Word (the salve for the wound) to get healed. Something there isn’t healing…that wound may end up being a scar eventually. That wound may bring on more problems all because we haven’t dealt with the root of it. In my life I tend to cover up the things that need to be dealt with. I use things like food, exercise, keeping busy, TV, cleaning, reading, work and so on to mask the issue. While none of those things are necessarily bad they tend to take away from my time that should be spent being healed from the Mighty Hand of God instead of looking to this world to cover up my hurt or sin. Food isn’t a bad thing but if we eat too much or not enough it has an effect on our health. Exercise isn’t bad but when we become consumed by it – it can become a health issue if you are pushing your body to limits that our body can’t tolerate. Same thing with TV, cleaning, reading, keeping busy – too much of a good thing can have other affects on us mentally or physically. My 13 year old son and I were talking about addictions. People can be addicted to all sorts of things. The obvious bad ones are drugs, alcohol, and pornography and the like. But what about those that aren’t as obvious – food, clothes, shoes (not that I am speaking from experience), JUNK. What comes from addictions? Usually the other side of a addiction is remorse, consequences, issues, problems, maybe even sin. What if we replaced our addictions, the JUNK, with God’s Word. No remorse can come from being addicted to God. Every other addiction can has negative effects. The ONLY addiction that I know of that can ONLY affect us in a positive way is our Savior. When He hung on that cross He showed us that our junk, our addiction can be handled only by Him. Nothing else can withstand the storm of life. It won’t be easy. I think about Brad and Kasey and how they have been carried through the death of a child. They wouldn’t be where they are today had then not allowed God to deal with the junk that comes from such a tragic thing. It has been trying on them – to an extent that we may never know, but over and over again they choose for God to do a work in their lives. Brad and Kasey, thanks for showing us God. Thanks for sharing His love through something that you could have turned against Him. I can’t imagine how hard it has been. May God continue to be glorified in your lives. May we continue to see Jesus. Can you just see God pulling up in front of your house with the truck that says “GOT JUNK? I take care of it ALL!” He comes to heal us at the root not to mask the problem and give medication that creates more problems. He comes to heal us However sometimes the scar remains to remind us the trials He brought us through. I have a scar on my tummy from 2 c-sections. I wouldn’t trade the result of that scar for ANYTHING! I have 2 beautiful children that came from that scar. The song by David Crowder says it well “We are His portion and He is our prize, drawn to redemption by the grace in His eyes, if His grace is an ocean , we’re all sinking…My heart turns violently inside my chest, I don’t have time to maintain these regrets, when I think about the way He loves us.”


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