A Family’s Promise

I was looking over the chapter this morning where I wrote about the day Jake died. Brad wrote this poem shortly after his death. I wonder if there is someone out there who, with Christmas in full swing, needs a reminder of the promise we have in HIM!

A Family’s Promise

The Lord giveth

And the Lord taketh away

Those words are hard to swallow,

On a day like today

And though it’s hard to understand

Things go the way they do,

Our God’s alive and in our hearts,

And He will see us through

They say when times are hard,

It’s a testing of our faith,

But surely we could’ve done without

The thing that happened today

We say that now and in our hurt,

We feel it to be true

But later on and down the road,

We’ll see what God can do

A son is gone, a brother lost,

This thing we cannot change

But by the Lord’s Almighty Hand,

There’s comfort to be claimed

He turns mistakes to miracles,

We see it in many ways,

But never has it pierced our hearts

Until this loss today.

And so we pray with all our heart

That Jake not go in vain,

But while he’s in our Savior’s lap

Our God would get more praise

So Lord, our Jake is with You now,

Please tell him this for us,

That Momma, Daddy, and brother Drew

Are gonna stay here and trust

And That one sweet day we’ll meet again

Outside those pearly gates,

You’ll waddle down those golden streets,

And we’ll join you …. Singin’ praise!



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