Teenager Christmas Idea

I was so excited that they wrote this book in a teen version. I read Outlive your life in a few days and loved it. One of my favorite parts is when Lucado talks about how we see hurts and needs around us and we pull back into a shell. Instead of trying to make a difference we hid in our shells. Lucado is pleading with us to get out of our shells. How exciting that they are adapting it for teens. I think the teens are so much more willing to get out of their shells.

This is going in my son’s stocking – hope y’all enjoy as much as I do!

“Best-selling author Lucado and his daughter Jenna have adapted Outlive Your Life for teens who want to change their world! Interactive practical tips and real-life stories will help your youth groups learn that God can use them right now to make a difference for his kingdom. Includes journaling space for personal ideas and service goals. 208 pages, softcover from Nelson.”


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