My Friday Night, Part Two

WARNING: Be ready – I am chasing a rabbit 🙂 Standing on my soapbox.

It was a few weeks ago – the LSU game was interrupted by a weather service announcement and many people missed part of the LSU game. Pandemonium insued.Facebook was blowing up with comments and opinions. Outrage. The anger was so monumental that the “whoever is in charge of the news” talking head had to get on the air and explain away why they stopped showing a football game due to extreme weather. The public outrage was so great they continually apologized for “messing up a football game.”

A news story breaks about Haiti – an outbreak of Cholera. This outbreak of Cholera has the potential to kill as many people as the earthquake. Silence.

A news story documenting the rising number of families in our town who are going without food. Silence.

A news story showing another kid abused by a family member. Silence.

I am afraid that we are too busy walking around Target, drinking our Starbucks, to notice what is going on around us. That was me tonight, walking around with my coffee, blissfully unaware, ignoring the constant ringing of need.

I know that we have the capacity to illicit change. The LSU story is just an example of the power of public outrage.

We just have to care enough to make some noise.

What if we cared just as much for those around us as we do our football games?

What if we picked up on the needs ringing loudly in our ears that surround us?

Proverbs 21:13
If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered.


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