Actions Speak Louder

I just did this – will you??

This is taken from Baby Bangs Blog:


From the start, the Burgers had big dreams of impacting Africa together. When I think back on my college years I can remember all sorts of confessions of big dreams by myself and the people around me. When I think of the Burgers the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that THEY DID IT! They did what they said they were going to do.
The Burgers have a ministry called His Voice Global through which they have founded two self-sustaining orphanages in southern Sudan. These orphanages not only nurture children, but employ widows and disciple pastors. This ministry is equipping the Sudanese church to care for orphans. (This year they also branched into India and are supporting a boys home there. Awesome!)
A month ago you all went crazy (seriously crazy) buying hand held radios for $20 each to share the Gospel in Sudan. I heard from several friends at Aid Sudan and they were incredibly blessed by your partnership.
Because I know of your generosity, I wanted to pass along the latest news from the Burgers. His Voice Global is raising money to build a third orphanage in Sudan. If you’d like to help, you can download the hip-hop song “Actions Speak Louder” on iTunes for 99 cents. (John Piper makes an appearance, y’all!) They are hoping for 100,000 downloads. Of course, if you’d like to give more than 99 cents, you can check out this page on their web site. You’ll see that Living Proof Ministries (that’s my mama’s ministry) is one of their partners. We really believe in what His Voice Global is doing.
Here’s where you can get the song.




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