This past summer we took our 2 kids and our 2 nieces along with 3 dogs to the lake to camp for a week. I have to say that it was one of the most relaxing vacations that I have ever been on. Yes – you heard me right – 3 teenagers – 1 tween – 3 dogs – in a camper for a week – RELAXING. No, I’m being serious – it was so relaxing! The kids got along so well together. One of our dogs got a little bit sick, but they were great, too.

It was nice to be in the midst of God’s beauty and yet have a shower and oh yes, access to a washer and dryer. We didn’t have a schedule or other people pulling us in all different directions to do activities. We ate when we were hungry and slept when we were tired. We went on the lake if we wanted or took a drive to the nearest town when we had nothing else to do.

Every morning I would take the dogs for a walk on a trail near our campsite. The week started off with kids going with me, but then after the first DAY the walk was too long and they didn’t want to come along with me. That’s ok though because the peace that nature holds in itself was a calming therapy for me – even if I experienced it all by myself. So often I get consumed with the day to day responsibilities that I miss God’s beauty staring me in the face. I was defiant in not miss it on this vacation.

One day as I was walking I noticed the reflection of the sky onto the lake. The sky in Colorado has to be one of the bluest skies anywhere on earth. The sky would reflect onto the water and make the water look even bluer. Had there not been mountains surrounding the lake, you would not have known where the skies ended and the lake began. Have you ever been to a lake and from far away the water looks pristine and blue and when you get into it – it’s almost a greenish blue color or even brownish green? The vast, blue sky made this lake look so blue. When you actually got on the water in the boat the water was the bluish green color, but it was clear and you can see way down into it. It was hundreds of feet deep and massive in size (unheard of in Colorado which would explain why 3 miles of it were in Colorado and the other 30 some miles into New Mexico).  The kids where jumping off rock cliffs into the water and we were looking down into the water you could see where there were rocks and fish and even trees. Most of the time those dangers were deep down into the water. But one of the coves we went back into had a bunch of rocks just below the surface and there were trees poking out of the water. The kids obviously couldn’t jumps off the rocks above the water there and it was even dangerous for us to be back there with our boat. It got me to thinking about the sky and the lake.


I thought about how massive the sky is.

Whether it is day or night it is still there.

There isn’t a beginning or end to the sky.

The sky doesn’t change.

You can’t move the sky.

No matter where you are – there is always a sky above you.

It doesn’t get bigger or smaller.

“The sky is the limit” as the saying goes.

It’s a little like God – so massive that we can’t comprehend, always there, no beginning or end, unchanging, unmoving, there is never anywhere that we can be in our life that God isn’t right there with us, He doesn’t expand or get smaller, and He is the limit because nothing can be greater than He. At times clouds may distract us from seeing the sky, but it is still there, above all.

In a lot of ways we are like a lake – reflecting our God (the sky). Things in our lives may cloud our vision of Him, but He is still there. He supplies the Water of life to fill us up.

Is God reflected all over your life or do people have to look deep to find any evidence of Him? As a Christian from far away is your Christianity just that – surface? Everything on the surface looks good, but inside you are holding onto things deep in your heart where you reject God’s forgiveness and holding onto bitterness? Today will you reflect God’s beauty in your life? May the clouds of your life not deflect people from the beauty of your Savior.




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