Offense VS. Defense

By Paula Wheeler


It’s a big part of who I am. I grew up with 4 brothers and 1 sister and it seemed like everyone participated in some kind of sport – year around. I personally played volleyball, basketball, cheered, and ran track. Every season I was doing something. I loved being so active and being a part of a team. Now that I am a mom, you guessed it – sports are still a BIG part of our life as a family. Since sports have always been a big part of my life, I have also felt the need to share my opinions – mostly with the referees. I always think that they don’t know how to do their job when they making calls (especially when it is not in MY teams favor). Case and point – the Bronco game on Sunday – UGH – different story! I would venture to guess that the heart of my matter when it comes to the referees and my way of thinking is that because I have been around sports my entire life, I surely MUST know way more than they do and therefore feel the need to share my opinion. Due to this factor my husband no longer will sit by me at games. He thinks I am too loud and should keep my “opinions” to myself. If he does sit next to me he says stuff like “Paula, that really WASN’T a foul” or “Shhhhhh – everyone can hear you” So, to keep the peace he just stays away and I continue to run my mouth. I am getting better though, but if I were being totally honest I would have to tell you that my mouth has gotten me into trouble more often than not.

Enough about that let’s get back to the purpose of this post. I was listening to the Focus on the Family broadcast this morning about protecting our children and families from internet pornography. The host said that we should be “playing offense” when it comes to internet pornography and protecting our families. WHAT? I thought we were on defense! I was a little puzzled by her comment of playing offense – can you tell? I actually had to stop and think about the difference between offense and defense.

When playing offense the main goal (besides scoring) is to protect the ball.

When you are playing defense the main goal is to get the ball from the other team – and score.

So, it would only make sense that we are playing offense right now when it comes to protecting our children from this invasive, evil that is lurking around every corner trying to steal away our child’s innocence.

Where have I been – I have been playing defense?! We were supposed to be protecting the “ball” (our children). Then I started thinking about the game of football and how there are the offensive linemen (that would be my boy) and how their whole responsibility in the game is to protect the quarterback so that he can get the ball off to a receiver or a running back.

That’s our job parents – protect our children. In our Walk with God, He is the Coach. He calls out the plays to us as parents (from His Word) and we the O Line.

Also, with larger teams it is normal that the same kids don’t play both sides of the ball (ok some kids do – but not most). They are either on offense and defense. In life our only responsibility may be to play offense and other times it’s just to play defense. Other times God allows us to play both sides of the ball – protecting our marriages, kids, and faith and ultimately to pass the “ball” on to our kids to carry on to their families. When He chooses to put us in on defense we defend our faith, witnessing to others, sharing the Good News, or praying for God’s will for other people or ourselves.

We can find which play we are using for the “games” in the Word of God. He is our ultimate play caller. If you don’t even know if you are playing offense or defense how are you suppose to know what the play is happening on the field? Be in His Word, hide it in your heart, that you might not fumble the ball (sin against Him).  It’s time to suit up and put your armor on, people. Then we need to  “hit the enemy in the mouth!!!!” Are you playing on the right side of the ball today? Do you know the plays that are being called by the Coach? Get your head in the game.


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