“It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose . . . ”

“It’s how you play the game.” Pfft.

We have all heard it before. But I don’t like it. I like to win. Our whole family likes to win. We have stopped playing games for family game night because how do I put this – it does not create  family unity. More like a family brawl. We all have very competitive personalities around here. Very.

Drew is a great athlete and talented quarterback. In Colorado, he was on a highly competitive and winning team. It was fun. They played hard, practiced harder and won incredible games. It was a football family’s dream. Then we moved to LA and it has been downhill since. It has been painful to watch. PAINFUL.

Last night was one of the worst games they have had. They played a local school where many of Drew’s friends from church attend. There was a bet between the quarterbacks, whoever lost got a pie in their face on Sunday morning. This is big time in a 14 year olds world. And they lost bad. I watched Drew on the sidelines, frustrated but not obnoxious. Brad even asked him when he got home, how did you not lose your cool? They had over 10 dropped passes and a few interceptions. It was not good and no one really likes to lose – especially in this house.

Drew updated his facebook page with this:

Well idk what to say.. thats just inexcusable, oh and Jacob James, I like chocolate 🙂

Jacob is the other quarterback who gets to throw pie in Drew’s face.

I. Could. Not. Have. Been. More. Proud.

When other updates were glorifying their win. They deserved it. They were good.

But I hurt for my son. I was mad for him. It was ridiculous.

But just might have been one of the best things to happen to him.

Humble pie is good for all us.

Proverbs 11:2
When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

On our staff retreat a few weeks ago, our pastor said something that has stuck with me. He pastors a large church, First Bossier, and has lots of responsibilities to that church. He said, “when I die, what if God never even asks me about First Bossier?” Ouch. Many of the things we think are so important and mean so much, don’t really matter.

It is possible God doesn’t care how we pastor a church but how we love our family.

Or how many yards we threw in a game, but how we acted to our teammates and the other team?

Or how successful our business is, but how we loved those around us?

Or how much money we make when we spend it only on ourselves.

This life is a bit like a game – God doesn’t care whether we win or lose but He does care how we play the game.

Often, humble pie is the best thing for us. Just flavor it with some chocolate – it will be much easier to swallow.

Psalms 149:4
For the LORD takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with salvation.

Proverbs 3:34
He mocks proud mockers but gives grace to the humble.


4 thoughts on ““It’s Not Whether You Win or Lose . . . ”

  1. AWESOME post, Kasey!! That big old pride can sure cause problems for us. I love what your pastor said. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was exactly what God looked at. Everything He does is the opposite of what we see and think from a human perspective. So yeah, He is much more likely to be focusing upon the ‘other’ things to which we often give no thought. Definitely food for thought . . . and application.


  2. Girl! We r competetive, too! Sometimes I wish I did not care!!! But that hasn’t happened!! Lisa and I have even been known to sit away from my dad at games so he won’t see how we are acting! LOL! Not funny, really!

    But, with all that said, we suffered a small defeat at our house last week, too. But to my suprise and amazement, my child showed me that he did have some of the character traits that we have been praying for him to possess. YAY!

    I did feel sorry for him. But secretly, I was so excited that I had proof that my kid could lose with class.

    I almost started crying when I read your blog. I’m so proud of Drew! I have been worried about that “pie” thing the entire time! I told PT last night that the boys should get together and throw pie in the girls’ faces! I don’t know~ comic relief or something! Drew’s words to JJ are classic. I’m sure he didn’t even know you were reading them. Drew is a Champ!

    I’ve preached this in my classroom last week and in my home on many occasions~ Anybody can win; but only a person with real character can lose with class. In the tough times we find out what we are of on the inside~ and isn’t that all that really matters!?

    1. Brad won’t even sit by me during basketball season. I am the worst! Something I am working on! It all works out and I am still learning that God can and does work all things for our good. It is keeping that perspective in all things. We know this – it is just hard to watch at times. It is good to know and watch your kids handle things with class and continue to support them in that! Love you girl!

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