Mr Has “the Word Today

This is taken from my hubbie’s blog today. A word we all need to hear.

God is great. Beer is good. People are crazy.

Some of you may recognize that title as a popular country song from the radio.

I think it’s a proper title for today. Not only to get your attention, but to hopefully make a point worth reading. 🙂

We know that God is great. And although I could boast forever on just how good He is, this post is about something different.

Beer…well, I don’t like beer, so I can’t agree that it’s good. It tastes terrible. I hear people say it’s an “acquired taste,” but don’t you have to not like something the first time you try it for it to be acquired. I never got that. I don’t push through something that tastes bad just to get to a point where I can tolerate it. Anyway, next.

People are crazy. Yep, That’s where we are landing today. There is a country song with the blog’s title is catchy, but our craziness is not always funny.

I spent the morning hearing about a family that is falling apart. A family that is precious. ANOTHER family that once was inside the church and claiming to be Christ followers.

This is not a judgmental post where I slam families for falling apart or yell at people for sinning.

It’s a plea for the men to get serious with their walk with God because WE ARE ALL CRAZY. Every. Single. One.

We all have this deep rooted problem called sin and it will cause our lives to crash in around us if we let it. Actually, it can get so bad that we destroy our lives as well as those we once called the most precious to us.

My heart is broken to hear story after story of marriages that are ending in divorce (in the church). You know the stats I’m sure, but it’s different when you see it personally.

I left a mens’ group this morning just more sober-minded and determined to love my wife and kids that much more. I have to protect my heart from sin. I must do this at all costs. The lives of my family depend on it. The lives of my children are greatly affected by my marriage, so it has to be number one priority.

Guys, we have to stop playing church. It’s not enough to give Jesus a few hours on Sunday morning and then try and be good the rest of the week. That WILL NOT CUT IT. Look at the church and the families in it. We are walking proof that it won’t work like that. We must surround ourselves with men who are seeking out the Lord and His Word and are willing to go to the hard places with us. A place of safety and honesty. If we don’t, we are toast. Our families are toast.

I know the sin that lurks in my heart. It’s not pretty. I hear stories and I could easily replace my name in the tragedies that sin causes. Don’t act all innocent, it’s in you as well (smile). Sin makes us totally stupid. The more we give it room, the more selfish we become and the more damage we cause to those around us; especially those closest.

I know for me, I must heed Proverbs 4:23 and continue to guard my heart; seek the Lord continually through prayer and His Word; surround myself with like-minded men and step out in faith to lead my family.

I’m so grateful for the people in my life that have played a role in my life and helping me in my journey to be the man God wants me to be. Hopefully, as we man up together, we can be spared from the damage of the craziness inside each one of us.

The good news is that God knows we are crazy and yet He loves us still. That draws me to want to serve Him and please Him. Keep focused on that, minute by minute.

Lord, help me heed this. Amen.


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