We are running a marathon, not a 5k.

I am training to run a half marathon in December and mostly have had one goal: run the whole thing. Don’t stop and walk just run.

This morning, on my run, I came to the conclusion that that is how I have been living my Christian life – don’t stop and walk just run. Just go for it – don’t stop, keep plugging away. We have all heard that our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness. While that fighter attitude has pulled me through much and I have endured much- I was reminded this morning it was ok to stop and walk.

What happens when I don’t stop and walk – I burn out and want to quit. It is fast too – one day I am going a hundred miles an hour and the next day, I can’t seem to get off the couch. I haven’t learned to live in the middle of the high and lows. I am either high or low. I think when tragedy strikes a family, you hit a low. God does a miracle in that family and you hit a high.  And back and forth it goes. Up and down. I have a hard time living in the day to day mundane of life. I am either at high or a low. God showed me that this morning. It is ok to walk. To be still. To enjoy God and all around me.

A friend once told me that I live my life out loud. I have always been in a pretty visible position for most of my life. My dad was a pastor, on staff at large churches and now my husband is the same. Most of my life has been lived in front of many of people. Very public. There was a part of me that wanted to show off in that role – while growing up , I wanted to show how bad I could be and then as I grew I wanted to show how GOOD GOD IS. But I think in my effort to show others God, I threw myself into a tailspin. I thought  I had to single handedly prove to others how good our God is. God is good, period.

Yes, God has left us here to tell His story to others and that I will do. But some days the fact that I am still walking around is proof enough. If we are here, breathing, we have a role to fulfill – a calling to answer. But, the most important calling of all is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. Often, we need walk breaks to be reminded of this. We are called to work and serve (our pastor calls this abounding) but reminded us last week, we must abide in order to abound.

You want to hear the crazy part about my run this morning? I finished the same time with walk breaks that I did last week running and not stopping.

Have taken a break to walk lately?

“Be still, and know that I am God.”


7 thoughts on “We are running a marathon, not a 5k.

  1. I’m the same way! I’ll either be at a high or a low and tend to have to remember that in between the worst times and the great times, when things are “just good” or “normal” God is still the same and I should walk with Him just the same. Thanks for sharing!

    PS. I just found out about your blog through “a long way from the Theta house” 🙂

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