I left my suitcase at my house for our trip to the beach. We all piled off the bus and I kept waiting and waiting for my suitcase and it never came.

I texted my mom to see if we left it in the car. A few minutes later I got this picture from her:

Pictures are worth a thousand words!

We headed to Walmart to for my wardrobe for the week. Yes, I had to buy a bathing suit at Walmart. God totally blessed me and I found some cute stuff  (thanks to Christy) and made it work.

I also didn’t have my hair dryer so I discovered that I can wear my hair curly. I kind of liked the freedom to not have to dry my hair so today I decided to go curly.

After Jackson hugged me good night tonight, he asked me if I was going to fix my hair tomorrow? Smile.

Me: “You don’t like my hair like this?”

Jackson: “it’s too curly”

Y’all have a good night. Fix your hair tomorrow, please. You know I will!


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  1. That’s too funny! Our kids get so used to a certain style. The first time my stylist dried mine straight last year, Zach about had a cow. He did NOT like it. I’m supposed to have curly hair, you know. Love those boys! 🙂

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