A Little Running Never Hurts

This is what happens here in the Ewing house when you get sent to Juvie.I got out my whistle, actually, I had to go buy a whistle.

And he ran.

And he ran.

And he ran.

I have been around football coaches long enough to know that running is what happens when you get in trouble. So, I thought I would try it around here. I told the boys – you get in trouble, you run. He did suicides, belly flops, and ran laps. The boys who were watching also did laps for laughing at him. We will be back at it today. 2 weeks. That was “D” punishment. He is mine everyday after school for two weeks. Now, one might ask how I got this 15 year old kid to run and subject himself to my punishment. I am not really sure. He told me he got in trouble – I told him if he is in trouble with the law, he is in trouble with me. And he did what I said. Strange. Only not so much.

These boys want someone to care. To pay attention. They will even run their butts off for you if they know you care. And you feed them lots of snacks and gatorade. I am off to go rent “Wildcats” by Goldie Hawn. I heard that it was a movie I should see and it might help my coaching skills. Have a nice day.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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