In our after school club in our neighborhood, we are working on respect this month. We are following our church and studying a virtue a month.

Yesterday, we asked what happens when we don’t respect each other?

Here were the answers:

“Juvie” (Juvenile Detention Center)


It just made me very sad. If I were to ask my kids what happens when we don’t respect each other – they would say, a spankin’ (which might be a sure fire way to keep them out of juvie! smile.) or getting their phone taken away. You know typically kid consequences, not straight to Juvie.

Speaking of Juvie, one of my favorite teens who comes by – spent the weekend in Juvie. For fighting after school. When he should be in football but he can’t because he is too old. He is too far behind and now he comes home after school and gets into trouble.

It is a horrible cycle that must be stopped. They can’t read in fourth grade – they get behind each day. Then they fail a grade or two. Then they are too old to play sports – they don’t have a reason to keep their grades up. They end up walking around the streets and ‘hood from 2:30pm till too late at night – with nothing to do.

That is why when we ask what happens when we don’t respect others – “juvie” is the first answer.

P.S. On a great note – at our club yesterday the firemen came by and we gave them cookies. We were so thankful for them taking the time to come and see the kids – it is so good for them to see our firemen and policemen as positive influences.


2 thoughts on “Respect

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am blessed by your willingness to reach out to these kids……This is our Jerusalem. Sometimes, as you know, the mission is in your own community. Thanks for making a diffrence in mine. 🙂

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