I am sitting here on my couch, listening to Brad’s alarm go off for the 5th time. I don’t see why he does that to himself? Who wants to have to wake up 10 times to go back to sleep for 9 minutes. Waking up is hard enough doing it once, not 10 times.

So tell me, are you one who sets your alarm an hour early so you can snooze a bunch or do you set it for the time you actually have to get up?

I set it for what time I have to get up.

But, I have my coffee pot set to make my coffee before I wake up so it is ready when I crawl to the kitchen for my coffee.


10 thoughts on “Snooze?

  1. He must have got that from me – I snooze about 3 or 4 times plus set my clock early. Something about having a few more minutes! Love y’all

  2. Yep, I’m in the snooze category. I love the clock I have – especially because it’s atomic – but the snooze is only 4 minutes on mine. I don’t always love that. And it will only snooze three times. So I can’t just keep going and going. Otherwise, I totally would. I don’t do mornings well – never have. It’s better for me to wake up gradually. I know it’s silly, but it is what it is. 🙂

  3. Jason sets the alarm and hits the snooze button WAYYYYYYY too many times. I get up as soon as the second one goes off. Here is the weird thing – on the weekends I just wake up when the alarm should be going off and can never seem to get back to sleep. So, really…what’s the problem throughout the week? Oh, yea – it’s the whole work thing. I really need one of those coffee makers for the winter time. That’s when I want to stay in bed. That would be great incentive.

  4. After sooooooooooooooo many years of single-moming it with the same schedule (10 years now), and working full time, I can’t sleep anymore past 7 on days off.
    On workdays I wake up at the same time with or without the alarm so I wonder why I still use it at all?
    But I set the alarm for 4:45 am, one hour before I have to actually get up, and hit snooze until I get up one hour later. It helps me to wake up slower and more gently and not be started into to my day too quickly. I feel more refreshed that way, a little like I got to laze around and lay in bed all morning- even though I didn’t.
    BUT I still get up at the same time on workdays even if my alarm doesn’t get set, it’s like my body just knows.

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