There is nothing worse than touching lunch meat at 6 am.


I am in a lunch funk. I seem to put the same thing in my kids lunch each day and we are only in the second week of school and I am already out of ideas.

I need your help.

I need quick and easy.

I don’t like touching lunch meat.

What is the best thing you put in your kids lunches?


10 thoughts on “Lunches!

  1. I deal with the same thing! Luckily my kids like their pop tarts cold so I do that sometimes. Hudson doesn’t like sandwiches at all so we can’t do that. He does have a microwave at school that he can use so he takes those frozen grilled cheese sandwich things that he can warm up or sometimes he will take left overs and warm those up. He also buys lunch on Mon/Wed and Fridays so that helps. Maggie will eat lunch at school sometimes depending on what they have but I do try to put yogurt and some piece of fruit in there along with water or a capri sun and sometimes some muffins. I do try to buy in bulk and go ahead and separate serving sizes into baggies so that I can just grab when I need to.

  2. Same here!!! I am torn between healthy and convienent. Usually helathy isn’t convienent. Anyways, this past weekend we bought Corrine a REALLY good small thermos. I wasn’t sure if it would hold the contents warm enough for lunchtime so we tried it out yesterday. I had a bunch of the easy mac n cheese that she makes in the morning in the microwave and sticks in there. She said that it was still warm at lunch time. Jalen ALWAYS takes PBJ’s or cold leftover pizza. I have bought a few pizzas and baked them on Sundays, divided them up and he has taken that before, too. I hear you though! I don’t care for making lunches and we make them the night before simply so that I can sleep an extra 10 minutes in the morning. 🙂 I would rather make their lunches though than buy school lunches. They don’t really like school lunches or get enough food when they do get them.

  3. I bought a Rachel Ray magazine yesterday because it was talking about school lunches and honestly, you can tell she doesn’t have kids. I’m not making them chicken tarragon for lunch :). This morning was pepperoni and salami sandwiches (disgusting), apples, pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, fiber one bar and water. I don’t have time to cook them food for lunches too and since there are no refrigerators,that limits the options.

  4. Caleb took peanut butter & honey sandwiches EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. of elementary school. HA! HA! Total no-brainer.

    He still eats them, btw. He’s uber picky, so he doesn’t have a lot of options.

    I guess it depends upon the boy – is it Drew or Jackson? If it’s Jackson, what about little finger foods? Cheese stick, crackers, carrot sticks, craisins (cherry, of course), etc. If it’s Drew, you probably need more food than that. A good-sized thermos with leftovers of some sort.

  5. buy a bucket of fried chicken from the store, refrigerate overnight, it’s cheap, you wrap it in tin foil and it is good to go! We do grape tomatoes, sliced cucumber, cheese sticks, carrots and always cookies!

  6. My kids love Lunchables but I hate that they are so filled with sodium so I started making my own for them and they love it! I just buy whole wheat ritz crackers, a block of cheese and either lunchmeat or pepperoni and put it in a container and they make it however they want.
    Another favorite is pizza roll ups. Take a tortilla, spread some pizza (or marinara) sauce on, throw on some pepperoni and sprinkle some cheese. Roll it up, slice it and you’re good!
    We send lots of stuff via thermos, too. Leftovers from dinner, soup, etc. You can even cook up some chicken nuggets or pizza rolls and they will keep warm!

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