Signs, Signs, Signs

On our last road trip to Austin we shall the church sign that became a motto around our house:

“Live simply so others can simply live.”

This road trip, I saw a sign with a very serious marine saluting, it read:

We don’t take applications.

Only commitments.

Very clever. I wonder if we approached our christianity like that how it would change us and everyone around us.

Wikipedia defines commitment as a means to show loyalty, duty or pledge to something or someone.

We are committed to many things and often our duty of following Jesus gets pushed to the back. I see it in myself often, I pick other things over spending time in the word or in Christian fellowship. I wonder if we all began to see our walk with Jesus as something so serious that we don’t just think about applying His word to our lives but we actually do it. The sign I saw instantly gave the impression that if you weren’t serious about a job with the marines, no use even applying. A sign that makes you want to stand up and salute. Our lives should be like that sign, they should give off the distinct portrayal of one committed to Jesus.

How is your life in Christ looking? Is it one that is causing others to stand up and salute the One who deserves all the glory?


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