We Are Home

We have literally traveled the us of a and mexico. It has been a whirlwind of activity. I have thought about you often and have little notes all over my purse, bible, bag, and car of things I have thought about to blog. School starts Wednesday and I can’t wait for some much needed writing time.

On the return of every vacation, we all sing two lines of a song (I think it is a song) “Back to life, Back to reality.” Brad sings it much better than the rest of us but we don’t care, we belt it out.

There was much discussion on one of our many road trips about what Mom will do while all the kids are at school. I kept saying that vacation is over – the real world is looming. In which Brad replied to me, “What, your vacation is just starting – you will have the day to yourself.” I must say, I grinned just a bit. Home alone is my happy place.

I love the start of school, it feels like New Year’s to me. New beginnings, new pens and pencils. For me, it is more a time I do New Year’s resolutions for the school year.

What do I want to accomplish this year?

What do I want me kids to have learned this year?

I have pondered many things on the miles we have traveled.

I have so much to tell y’all about old friends that we have got to see, what I learned from each one.

The main thing I ponder this morning is this. I see people wrong. Not at all like Jesus does.

I was reminded my our mentors in ministry of this very thing. Jesus came and saw us as sheep without a shepherd. He had compassion on us and drew us in with His kindness. The Bible says that it is his “kindness towards us that leads to repentance.” I am praying for my heart to change – for me to have eyes to see others the way that Jesus does. That I would love so much that they had to see Jesus. My job is not to change their way of thinking, my job is to show others how Jesus has changed me.


P.S. I got to spend the day with HoodMama from A Long Way From the Theta House. More to come on this!! Oh yeah baby!


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