I am sure many of you feel the same way I do about going to the grocery store. You walk around and load up your cart full of items, then you take said items to the checkout and unload them onto the checkout stand, then they bag said items and you load them back into your cart, you walk out to the car and unload them from the cart and into your car. Drive home. Then you unload them from your car into your house, and then you unload the bagged items into your cabinets.

Are you tired yet?

Next, you unload the dirty laundry baskets into the washer – unload the washer into the dryer. Unload the dryer into the clean laundry basket. Unload the clean laundry basket into the closet, only to see that the dirty basket has been loaded with dirty laundry again so you begin this whole process again.

We could go on and on. The dishwasher, the backpacks, the lunches, the car . . . It’s what we do. We load and unload ALL DAY LONG!

It is also what we do as Christians – or should do. But I am seeing a major problem in our Christian world.

We are unloading but not loading. Let me explain, we are called as Christians to serve and spend our lives on others. But we are not called to do it out of our own strength. We are called to serve others out of HIS. We must fill (load) ourselves on God’s word in order for us to be filled so we can pour (unload) ourselves on others.

Serving others without the first loading ourselves ends up becoming a job, a charity. And in the end, you become bitter, tired, and worst case, you walk away completely.  Serving others without first loading ourselves on HIM, we lose the power that the service of others was meant to have.

Feeling tired, worn out, bitter? Maybe you are unloading yourself for the sake of others without first loading yourself with the One who calls us to serve.

“God delights in giving us Himself. In His Spirit, we have all we need to enjoy His pleasures & accomplish His purposes.”David Platt

*** Update: I read this from Oswald Chambers today and thought it also fit. ‎”A person is simply a slave for obeying, unless behind his obedience is the recognition of a holy God.”


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  1. Thanks for reminding me….. I sometimes forget!! Miss ya bunches!! Amy Ables Lawson said to tell ya, “Hello!”. She was in today!!! Ya’ll have fun! See ya soon.

  2. Hi there! I found you via Hood Mama. Great thoughts here. I was wondering what you all do. I can’t find a ‘page’ that explains that. Would you mind pointing me to where that is? 😉 I think it will help me understand some of your posts. Do you live near Hood Mama?

    Your testimony on losing your son is amazing. I know it’s because God is amazing, though. I shudder in wonder if I would have held up under such a trial. I almost lost my 3mo old son (unresponsive and gray due to aspiration) and I freaked out. Seriously. I was very neurotic for a year and now I’m only slightly neurotic.

    Praying for Jake and praising at what God had done with you all through your valley.

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