I think that there is a process that God takes us through when we follow hard after Him. One thing that seems to happen when we make a big step or change directions is we seem to scare people. Its like we have the stomach bug and they don’t want to catch it. People hold us at an arm’s length – don’t want to get to close. It can be a hard time but a needed and necessary time. A time I think God uses to bring us completely to him. A time when we learn our true motives of the heart.

Are we really doing it for Him?

Are we here to please people or please God?

Are we going to stand firm even if we stand alone?

Then God does a something that only He can do – We become contagious in a way that shines His light and it no longer becomes revolting but alluring. (disclaimer – this will not be the case with everyone – not everyone will get it)

God then brings people alongside to help and encourage. Family to run to when you just need a break.  A friend who is farther down the road in ministry and you don’t know each other from Adam but you can spend over an hour on the phone and get off feeling more encouraged than you had in months. A small group who loves and encourages.

God brings people.

When God created Adam, He said it was not good for him to be alone and so he created a helper. It is not good for us to be alone but I think God uses those times when we feel alone to check our motives, our hearts and our desires to help them line up with Him. He wants us to get our security in Him and so there is a time when we have to decide that we will follow Him, no matter the cost.


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