By His Wounds

One of my favorite thing to do is browse bookstores, mainly Christian bookstores. The first thing I make my sister do is take me to Mardels when I go to her house. (She always kids me that I make her hit every bookstore in Dallas) Mardels is like the Costco of Christian bookstores.

Our old church had a great bookstore that I had an account that I could just put books on Brad’s account. It was so much fun, GLORY DAYS, I call them. (I won’t begin to tell you how much trouble I go into when the bill came around.) At said book store, I grabbed a book called Practical Theology for Women. I am one who likes to read Systematic Theology for fun so I thought that theology for women would be great. It sure didn’t disappoint. I recommend it to every woman, girl, and child. Oh, I kid. Just every girl and woman. Beth Moore often says that it is time for our reality to meet our theology or something to that effect. Anyway, this book does just that. Shows us how to match our theology with our every day reality.

Now, for the point of this post. Wendy, we are on a first name basis now. Ha, I kid again. Mrs. Alsup sent me a copy of her bible study By His Wounds You are Healed. Girl, she did it again. It is a bible study on the book of Ephesians and it once again shows how to line up our theology with our reality.

Here is an excerpt from the intro that sucked me right in.

“As we begin to look at Ephesians, I want to be clear upfront. This book is not about the supernatural spiritual power to change your circumstances. This is not about single women suddenly finding godly spouses or barren women unexpectantly bearing twins. IT is not about homeless couples winning the lottery or underappreciated employees seeing miraculous transformations in their oppressive jobs. This is not about hope that our circumstances will change. This is about hope that God has done something on the cross that changes how we think about our circumstances! This is about responding with grace when we used to choose anger. This is about learning to endure in peace when we used to fret with impatience. This is about getting a vision for what God has done and is continuing to do for us in the heavenly realm and letting that vision make a real, radical ( I LOVE that word) difference in how we approach our struggles daily.

By his wounds (not circumstantial change), we are healed.”

Sounds like just what I need, how about you? I have referred you to her blog before but here it is again. She also has a group of ladies going through this study right now via facebook. I have already joined.


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