The HOV Lane

Yesterday we were driving to my parents house and we go through Dallas to get to their country home. They live out in the middle of nowhere and that is one reason we love it so much.  It is the perfect place to hang as a family and we really needed a family weekend. Ok, the point of this post. The HOV lane. For those of you who don’t know what it is – a lane made especially for those who have more than one person in their car. I think the intent was to promote carpooling but who cares. This lane rocks. It is one lane that once you are on it you can fly past the other traffic, you have a barrier protecting you from the other cars, you can pretty much go as fast as you want while you have other cars sitting still next to you. It is a feeling of pure exhilaration.  It is our oldest son’s  favorite way to drive. When he briefly looked up from his ipod to see where we were, he pumped his fist and cried out “yes!” when he discovered what lane we were riding in. He loves it. I do to. I love the feeling of passing other people and not having to sit in all the other mess.
While I was smugly flying past all the other suckers sitting in Dallas traffic, I thought, “this is what I want my life to be like.” I want to be the privileged one who gets to fly past all the others in life. I want the insulation and protection of barriers from all the others. I want to be special and move right past the others. But God. God has called us to live differently. God has called us to get out of the “inner lane” and enter into the gridlock of life with others. Jesus, who was sitting in glory with God choose to leave His heavenly position and come down here among  us. To dwell in the midst of us so that He could give Himself up for us so that One day, we will live in eternity with Him. Scripture says that for the joy set before Him, He endured the cross. That should be our attitude here. For the joy set before us (forever in eternity) we endure life on this Earth. Not a life where we long to be insulated and protected but a life where we get out of the “HOV lane” and enter into the world of others.


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