I would have to say that the neatest thing we have experienced since we made our big move is God’s provision.

I have never really experienced anything quite like this.

We run out of snacks, I come home to find groceries on the front door.

We need a walmart run for supplies for tutoring, I have a gift card in the mail.

I am standing outside and the kids want ice cream from the ice cream truck and a friend stops by and says she just got cash out from the bank and knew she would need it for something . . . .

It is very hot and the kids are getting dehydrated, a family drops off lots of gatorades.

There is not enough of me to go around and I am frustrated. A group of girls choose us to partner with for 24 hour mission trip and they fall in love with the kids. Suddenly, God has provided a small army of beautiful girls willing to give up some summer days to play and tutor kids.

I had big dreams of what God was going to do with my life and like the girls this week learned . . . our stories are changing.

He is changing them and providing a way to do it. Right down to the last detail.


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