Wrestling Match

Ever feel like you are in a wrestling match called life?

I am right there.

Wrestling between balance and a sold out life.

Am I giving too much or not enough.

Global or local or both.

Am I misinterpreting or not wanting to obey.

Strong or too strong.

Sensitive or too sensitive.

Blessing or sacrifice.  (are they the same?)

Caring or too caring.

Too blog about it or not go there.

Willingness or obedience – is that the same thing?

The list could go on. The wrestling.

While vacuuming (yes, we finally got one) today I kept thinking of Jacob when he was wrestling with the angel. I know his was more of physical wrestling – mine seems to be more mental and spiritual. But there is an example for me there.

Jacob kept wresting. Scripture says that “when the man saw that he did not prevail against Jacob, he touched his hip socket, and Jacob’s hip was put out of joint.” Yet, Jacob continued saying he wouldn’t stop until he received a blessing. He kept wrestling till he got his answer.

God is telling me to just keep wrestling.

I once heard a pastor say that everyone knew that Jacob was touched by God by the way he walked.  I hope one day I can say the same.


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