Dealing With Disappointment

Yesterday one of the neighborhood boys, M,  announced to all the other kids that he was going to Iron Man 2 with his uncle and they all could come with him. A movie is a big deal here and the thought of everyone getting to go was huge. This led to much screaming and excitement.  Which led to much pleading and begging from Jackson who thought he was ready to see Iron Man. After we explained to him why he couldn’t go, he soon got over it only to be disappointed that all his friends were going and he was going to be left all alone. We tried to make it up to the others kids who couldn’t go by renting Tooth Fairy  and eating cupcakes.

Slowly all the kids started to show up to watch the movie. I found it very interesting that Tooth Fairy was about how one guy decided it was better to just stop dreaming than be disappointed. His life hadn’t turned out the way he wanted and he went around discouraging  young fans from dreaming big dreams.

Turns out, M’s uncle’s car  wouldn’t start and so they couldn’t go to the movie. The look on the poor kids face when he walked into our house after being told he couldn’t go to the movie was just heartbreaking.




He was then told they would go to Chuck E Cheese for their school night. (Please don’t get me started on the Chuck E Cheese sticker they put on the kids shirt and send them home with it for Chuck E  Cheese night. Ridiculous.) Instead, he got frozen pizza from our house. He was hurt, I could tell. After all the hype to his friends about the movie and then about Chuck E Cheese, he had to swallow his pride and once again come up with an excuse as to why he wasn’t going.


By far, one of the biggest things we have deal with is disappointment. All of us. What do we do when life doesn’t turn out the way we want. How do we handle it. Do we make excuses? Do we act like we don’t really care?

How do you handle disappointment?


4 thoughts on “Dealing With Disappointment

  1. Well unfortunately like a teenager most of the time sometimes like a toddler. In the past I have such a hard time with expectations and others not being aware of them which sets me up to feel disappointed. I have started evaluating my expectations and then making sure others are aware of them. Although making others aware of my expectations has helped it has not alleviated disappointment. As of late when disappointment comes my way I have tried to focused on the fact that my steps are ordered by God and that my current disappointment may be God pointing me in another direction. In the end it all boils down to my perspective.

  2. How DO I handle disappointment or how do I WISH I always handled disappointment.

    Sometimes I remember other times that I felt disappointed only to later realize that God had a bigger, better plan. Those times I trust Him.

    Other times I want my way more than His so I just clear me a space and throw myself a fit.

    God loves me either way I handle disappointment. I just make life easier for myself when I cooperate and choose option A.

  3. I am right there with both of you. I know how I should act, doesn’t mean this is how I do act. Doing what I should and not what I want seems to be a continual struggle. Glad Paul showed us that he too was susceptible to this. The fight against the flesh.
    I am really working though on admitting my disappointment to God and asking Him to heal my hurt and not just acting like it didn’t or doesn’t matter.
    I love you girls and Brad!

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