You can buy it here now!

I was in Haiti when it was released.

There are not enough words to tell you what this sermon series and now his book did to change my life. I know that you have seen it in the previous posts and watched as my life was transformed.

Here are some bits of the book . . .

Jesus was not trying to strip the rich man of all his pleasure. Instead he was offering the satisfaction of eternal treasure

Are we retreating in to nice, cozy communities where we live decent lives and pretend the starving millions do not exist?

The cost of discipleship is great but the cost of non-discipleship is far greater.

Exciting things happen when the people of God believe the Word of God is worth spending their lives to teach others.

What would it mean if we spent all of our lives for the sake of all of God’s glory in all of the world?

Half the world struggling today to find food, water & shelter w/the same amount of $ we spend on french fries for lunch.

Today more than a billion people live and die in desperate poverty; attempting to survive on less than $1/day.

Enough said.

Get the book today.


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