And We Are Off

Well, we almost are. We are meeting at the church at 4:15am. I won’t be blogging about anything at that time. I might be fussin’ but not bloggin’. And the last night I get to sleep in my warm bed with my favorite sheets, I am up at 11 blogging. Oh, the suffering I do for Jesus. NOT. Haiti, here we come.
That’s the week I have had. A good week.

We have made so many new friends and I cant wait to introduce you. Suffice it to say – we have moved from gallon water bottles of gatorade to the big orange barrels that they use for football teams. Yes, I think I have my own football team. Good thing I love football.

One of the best parts is when a newbie comes over and understands that he gets to write his name on a cup with permanent marker. It is his cup to use whenever he is over. They get so excited to have their own cup and that they are welcome to come back and use that cup often. Most of them are speechless. I don’t doubt some will stay too long, some not long enough, but some will slowly be changed by knowing they have a place to come. I know that some will be asked to leave and not come back till their attitude is better. We still love them – just need them to get off their high horses. Don’t we all? And they always comeback. Food and affection is a powerful motivator.

I think about Isaiah 49:16 when God says to His people, “See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.” How that touches my heart and melts me into pieces when I hear that he loves me so much he engraved my name on the palm of HIS hand.

I hope that it does the same for each kid who walks in our door – that the freedom to write their name, in big black sharpie letters on a cup – points them to the One who allowed nails to be driven into his hands for them.

My dear friend Melanie will be blogging for me this week while I am gone. She has just returned from a Peru trip with Compassion. I can’t wait to hear all her stories. She is my word fixer, grammar checker girl. You will be blessed to be able to read her blog with no mistakes. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Show her how much you love her – comment like crazy – it will be funny bc she won’t have the slightest idea what to do about comments.


2 thoughts on “And We Are Off

  1. Love ya’ll and miss ya’ll! Will pray for ya’ll!! Love, Jealous Lucy

    I mean I’m a little jealous, but I can’t wait to go help out at your house while your gone!!! Maybe I’ll bring someone home with me! LOL!

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