“I Need Your Help, I Need It Now”

“I Need Your Help, I Need It Now”

A free diet Dr. Pepper to whoever can tell me what that saying is from. Hint: I need your help, I need it now, we must save . . .

Anyway, the point.

I saw a church sign on our trip to Austin and it said:
Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live.

How cool is that?

I am thinking that I need a new title. God has done such cool things in our lives over the last year and I want my blog title to depict that. But I am at a loss . . . I want some cool way to express that I am no longer worried about high heels but that those around me have shoes. It is weird to think back over how shoes have played a huge part in my last year.

Remember the shoes from Peru?

Or the kid that borrowed Drew’s bball shoes? We got him his own shoes by the way.

I think I want the tag line to be “Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live.” But I need help is the title. I want to say – high heels are no longer a big deal when I realized that there are so many who have no shoes, or one pair of shoes while I have so many shoes I can’t or would be embarrassed to count them.

By the way, the “I need your help, I need it now” . . . Veggie Tales.


6 thoughts on ““I Need Your Help, I Need It Now”

  1. I usually don’t comment on your blog even though I love reading what God is doing in your lives. A blog title change seems fitting but mine are kinda cheesy- maybe it’ll spark a better title. Here’s my suggestion:

    High heels or none, I won’t stop loving until His work is done.

    Glad you’re doing well.

    1. Hey Patricia,
      So good to hear from you! I hope all is well with you. Thanks for your suggestion. I am sending all the ideas to Brad and letting him work them out. Titles are way over my head!!

  2. Hey – Greetings from Jordan. Love reading what God has been doing with and through you!!

    my thoughts: someting like:

    “A few less soles for me – but a few more souls for Him”


    “Loving soles less so I can love souls more”


    “Losing the “soles” to gain the “souls”

    I dunno know – pretty corny…


    1. Hey!!!
      I am so glad to hear from you. I like the soles to souls analogy. I am sending all to Brad and letting him work them out. He is much better at that than me. Thanks for your help.
      Miss you!!!

  3. Yeah – high heels are pretty useless when playing a game of basketball, huh? Honey – you need a good ol’ pair of work boots!

    It’s amazing how God takes us through different channels in our lives. He never leaves us in one place to get comfy and become useless – much like high heels. When I wear heels I feel pretty and girly, but there are more days than not when the heels just won’t do. I need something conventional – something that I can wear to be able to get down and get some serious work done. Sometimes I don’t need shoes at all and my bare skin feels perfect against the grass or cool hard floor. I think God just wants us to change our shoes every now and then and try something new…with Him. When you wrote this, I giggled when I read I read it. I.Love.Shoes. But it was more for me – shoes cover our feet, but it’s something you can’t do without. God covers my soul – and I can’t go anywhere without Him.

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