We Are Here!!

We are moved in and I am surrounded by boxes. I don’t have internet, I am currently hijacking someones internet and I have to stand in the corner, so this will be short.

We love it! I can’t wait to be settled.

We have already met the neighbors thanks to Brad. We borrowed a large box truck from the church and it has no gas gauge. Needless to say, Brad ran out of gas right at the intersection in front of our new house. He was blocking traffic and thankfully, our next door neighbors came running out to help him push the truck out of the intersection. However, Drew was steering the truck and hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and rammed the truck right into the back of our truck. Thank the Lord, there was no damage.

Observing all the action, our new neighbor commented that we were going to fit right in.

Sounds like a divine appointment to me.


2 thoughts on “We Are Here!!

  1. It may seem a strange thing to say, but I think it is fitting, Congratulations on your new ministry and calling! And God bless it, and you for your obedience to it. It’s way awesome, and God is going to work, He will use you for the word of His Kingdom.

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