Dream Big, Live Small

As I was painting and looking out the window, there is a lot across the street. An empty lot I am dreaming that God will give to us. I am dreaming of a community center right there. One where the kids that roam the neighborhood can go. A basketball court that you don’t get beat up if you foul or you don’t have to be six foot two to play. One that kids can get a snack, do their homework, read a book, take a nap, get some medicine, or just have someone there to talk to or get a hug. One where we have a group of people there who care about the kids. One where they see Christ’s love in and through us each day.

I am dreaming but God has been in the fulfilling dream business lately. One quote that really stood out to me from our Interrupted Bible study was: “DREAM BIG, LIVE SMALL.” I have had that quote written in my kitchen for the last few weeks.

About 8 months ago I began going through a series called “Radical Gospel” by David Platt. It really challenged me to rethink my view of the gospel and the way I was living. Basically, continually living for what God could give me, bless me, do for me. My gospel was all about me. It was time for me to be about others. Around the same time I began reading a blog called “A long way from the Theta House” and God began speaking to me. Brad and I have both felt like God was calling us to live different, be different. As I began to dream about reaching out instead of reaching in, God opened all the doors! I didn’t have to do a thing but be willing.

We soon began praying about where God was calling us to go. Boy, did He answer. Everyday we drive through one neighborhood and we just knew that God was leading us there. EVERYTHING began to fall into place. Down to the last detail. We move in on Saturday.

What dreams do you have?


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