I finally did it. I watched the movie Precious. It was heartbreaking on so many levels.

There was one thing that totally fired me up. At the alternative school, Precious was required to attend

none. of. them. could. read.

Listen here, you can help teach kids to read. YOU.

I have told you about this site before and I am using it this summer at our school to help the kids there. But you can too. There are videos on the site to show you what to do.

You can change a life by helping kids learn to read. I have given you the tools. Now you are responsible with what you do with it. How’s that for bossy?


3 thoughts on “Precious

  1. WOW! Are you going to be teaching kids to read???? That is SOOO cool! My youngest daughter struggles so much and she has dyslexia, and it affects not only her reading, but her spelling, math and comprehension. So much more than most people realize. I hope you can learn a little about how to work with kids who have that sometime too. I know the traditional methods schools use never worked for my daughter and for a while she was in a school that had her in a really good program that helped her immensely, but when we moved the new schools she goes to pays her no attention, so she has not progressed as fast as she used to.
    It is very sad when kids can’t read though, and not just because of a learning disability but because of social issues. I wonder if it would be feasible to start a little after school program (probably tons of legalities around it) in your new home to help kids with homework and stuff. Maybe you are already considering doing that.
    Well, God bless you! I will be praying for you a ton! And those kids you are helping!
    PS is that movie very depressing or does it leave you feeling better in the end? I’m thinking of watching it, but I have a hard time when a movie ends on a hopeless feeling.

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