Undercover Boss

Brad and I have been watching a new show called Undercover Boss. In this show, the boss of major companies goes under cover to see what it is like to work in his company and how his employees are acting. The best part of the show is where he reveals that he is the boss and these unsuspecting employees get their actions rewarded or judged. I love it when the hard working employee with the great attitude gets lifted to a higher position. It is so fun to see the boss notice those great employees and the best part is – they were doing it, not because they knew the boss was watching but because they love what they are doing.

We, however, are given a heads up. We know our boss is watching. Yet…

How are we doing with what He has given us?

I was reading Matthew 25 today and I immediately thought about the Undercover Boss. One day we will have our own evaluation. One day, our boss will reveal that He was undercover also. Matthew 25: 40 and 45 say that what we did for the least of these, we did for Him or what we did not do for the least of these, we did not do for Him. One day, we also will be evaluated by the undercover boss.

How are you treating the least of these?

Treat today as if you knew that your boss was going undercover and watching you.


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