I read a post this morning about how staying at home with your babies is a luxury. What a great perspective. I would like to take it even a step further. I am staying at home with my big kids. They go to school each day and I have from 8-3 to myself. Well, not really. There is always something to do. ALWAYS. I can fill every minute of that time running around and staying so busy that by the time I pick my kids up I am tired. Not this week.

This week, I have taken the week off. It has been thirteen years since I have had extended time to myself. 13 years. I am enjoying a house to myself. Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t change the years of staying home with babies and toddlers. But I also realized that when you are constantly surrounded by people – you can just keep going and going and not stopping and thinking and feeling. You just move to the next event.

So, this week – I am not trying to plan anything, write anything, do anything. I am camped in front of the tv in my pj’s. To just sit and be still. I think I have just run and run that I don’t just stop and enjoy. Brad always tries to get me to sit on the couch – he is famous for saying, ” I don’t care about what the house looks like, just sit with me.” He got what he asked for!

So, in the spirit of keeping it real . . .

Notice the chocolate wrappers. ๐Ÿ™‚

So this is a totally random and pointless post. Just what I needed today. Nothingness. Not serious. Yes, I know this life is serious and we are here on a mission. But for this week. I am resting, adding up all the Sabbaths I ran myself down.

Today, I am enjoying the luxury of doing nothing.


4 thoughts on “Luxuries

  1. Kasey-
    Do you think you can list the blog that you read about staying home? I think this would be a good perspective for me to read. I have had some conversations with some friends lately about staying home with my baby. Thanks!

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