Interrupted Week Two

Here we go!!!

I have way more questions because I think when I only asked a few last time – it left out some of her main points. So pick and choose!!!


“I was convinced of the need to change my mind, but what came next was actually changing my mind, and I didn’t envy God that task. I started reading the Bible through a fresh lens, and a theme began to lift from its pages” (p. 35).

Have you sensed God interrupting you this past week? When?

Can you think of a time when you re-read something in the bible, and on that fresh reading, you noticed something you’ve never noticed before? What was that experience like?

Has your perspective on the poor begun to change yet? How?

Even though Jesus was completely un-normal, do you spend yourlife striving for normalcy? How important to you is fitting in?


“Jesus never fit in. He was never the cool guy. He was always wrecking everyone’s way of thinking. I’m positive the disciples sat on pins and needles when Jesus talked to a crowd, worried what crazy thing He might say next. . . . But it wasn’t just what He said; it was what He did. It was who He spent time with, talked to, and argued with, to say nothing of His very un-affluent life. If we took Jesus’ teachings away and just focused on the way He lived, He would still be radical” (p. 37).

What stuck out to you the most about your study this week?

Read Luke 5:27-32. Notice the nature of the relationships Jesus was cultivating and being criticized for.

What sort of people did Jesus spend time around? What was His reasoning for doing so?

Why do you think Jesus paid such close attention to them? What does that attention reveal about His character?

Why do you think He was so criticized for those relationships? What criticism is leveled against people today with similar relationships?

Now read the next passage, luke 5:33-39.

How would you sum up Jesus’ teaching about “newness” in your own words?

How does Jesus’ illustration in this passage relate to the previous passage in which He was associating with sinners?

If we had no record of Jesus’ words—only His actions—what kinds of conclusions would you draw?

Read luke 22:13-19. recall from the Interrupted member book that the word “remembrance” is from the greek word meaning “to make real.”

How do you think we “make real” the sacrifice of Christ?

What does our willingness to be broken for the sake of others reveal about our belief in God?

How have you been impacted by someone else’s sacrifice?

Have you ever sacrificed for the sake of another? How did it feel?

Turn to the words of paul in 2 Corinthians 4:7-12. Consider how paul viewed the suffering of believers for the sake of the gospel.

What do you think it means to “carry the death of Jesus in our body”?

How does the voluntary sacrifice of believers promote the gospel?

What does sacrifice like that reveal about the character of god?

How have you seen “death” in one person lead to “life” in someone else?


“When Jesus said, ‘Take the lowest place’ (Luke 14:9), He was talking about more than a strategy for social justice. The path of descent is also the path to liberation. You are no longer compelled to be right and are thus relieved from the burden of maintaining some reputation. You are released from the idols of greed, control, and status. The pressure to protect your house of cards is alleviated when you take the lowest place” (p. 46).

Read luke 22:23-30. Notice the Difference Between the Disciples’ attitudes and the teaching of Jesus.

In what specific ways do you find yourself jockeying for positions of power? What did Jesus say about the nature of greatness in the kingdom of god?

What cultural factors make it difficult to pursue ideas like these?

What about you? What do you find appealing about following Jesus to the bottom?

What’s the toughest part about doing so?

What are some specific ways Jesus practiced what He preached?

What is one specific way your group can follow Jesus’ example?


10 thoughts on “Interrupted Week Two

  1. Oh my! It’s been a long time since I have been redirected, challenged, and heard God chuckling at my mouth gaped open as I relived my life these past few days in light of what I have been learning. I will add more later but I have to say the best and most challenging part in this weeks lesson was the portion on communion. I think the exact question was “when was the last time you were broken and poured out for someone else?” Ouch. I had no idea! But I found myself asking, begging even for God to give me such an opportunity. And silently hoping it doesn’t hurt too bad. Yet Jesus was broken. Hmmmm. That gave me pause. I had heard it countless times and found myself excited – for the first time – to be called the body of Christ. Broken. Poured out. For you.

      1. Ok, so I am just now adding to this because it captured my heart to ponder it…. And God answered. YIKES!!

        I am doing a study on being a wife simultaneous with this and the Lord in His faithfullness is teaching me the same principles through each. Go with me here for a sec… we are learning about building our home. At first I thought the chapter would be about cleaning. HA! But as I dove deeper I discovered the way to build your home is through wisdom. Applying what you learn. Hmmmm. A bit further…. to build what? God is building the church and wants a godly generation. Building my kids up. Building my husband. I picture God using me to build their faith… or is it tearing it down? So, examining this in my life brought me back here. When was the last time I was broken and poured out for my family? Have I started with those closest to my heart or do I move on to those eager to be in the Upper Room? Ouch. Please pray for me. It’s much to wrap my heart and mind around and the examination is revealing some pretty ucky stuff.

  2. Don’t like this…don’t like this…don’ . Ok, I like it. I love knowing that He chastens those He loves! I just don’t like the first hit.

    Ok, I am behind and didn’t start my work for this week until just tonight. No lashings, please. I will catch up, promise. And just to be completely honest – I am not finished. I wanted maybe just possibly needed to stop and take in what I have just went over. Did she seriously just write what I was thinking? Judas was a disciple. If God is all knowing then why would He allow THAT sinner in his discipleship program? WHY? Because this is exactly what the Lord does. He doesn’t stereotype. It is – what it is. We are ALL sinners. He doesn’t pick and choose – we all qualify with our nasty sin natures. Bummer – so I am not better than the murderer? I am not better than the thief? I am not better that ______?

    This is the part of the study that I wish we were all sitting in a living room together, drinking coffee and discussing this. BTW – Miss Kasey – the snowing would be gently falling if we were all here J Anyways, I have a struggle here. I need your prayers. This chapter socked me right in the middle of my gut. I don’t want give TMI (too much information) but I have been struggling for the past 6 months over something that it seems like is a new ‘wine skin’ -I can’t get past it. My brain won’t “stretch” around it. I have a loved one who makes wrong choice after wrong choice. I am talking adultery, pornography, stealing, lying – Jerry Springer kinda stuff – not that I watch – I‘ve heard about that show. I go into the Lord’s presence and I can’t pray. I don’t know what to say. I know it, Paula without words, unimaginable, right? The hardest part is that there is a very young child involved. When this first happened, you wouldn’t believe it’s the same kid. I can see God’s protection on his little life. What this child witnessed and was a part of would make one want to revolt against the ones responsible to be caring for him. I have laid awake nights crying out to God. In this certain situation I am one (of many) who is being broken again and again. More than anything it breaks my heart that they could care less about God and His plan for their lives. It makes me mad that they blame God for what is king place in their lives. Just really bad judgment on their part. Why try and help them. Why spend sleepless nights crying out for them? Seriously, did she just say “We’re not allowed to neglect the oppressed because we have reservations about their discernment?” I don’t like that! But I see a pattern here – the Holy Spirit is convicting me, despite myself. In some cases I think that I am a best case scenario type of girl, but if you talk to the hubby he has nicknamed me “Worst Case Scenario”. I cannot fathom them every appreciating God’s grace and mercy to turn from the life they are living and follow Him. How do you help someone or be broken for someone who walks on you over and over again. She says “Jesus came to the foulest, filthiest place possible, full of ungrateful, self destructive people who betray Him far more than they love Him.” I am a Judas, I am a sinner, I am filthy and ungrateful. Why do I judge others so much? Why do I see others sin categorized worse that my own. How do we put the sinners of others aside. So, if she covers this and I just haven’t gone far enough this week – don’t tell me. I will find it J Sorry this is so long. I am a little long winded! This study is taking my breath away. *SIGH*

    1. Those were hard for me to and I am still processing through it. Because I know that true love is not always giving something what they want. For example, you have an alcoholic who has lost everything. You don’t give them money – you buy them food.
      These are great questions – hard questions. I have wrestled back and forth with what is our responsibility to give and our responsibility to be judge of who we give to and why?
      Bottom line – we have GOT to be so filled with the Holy Spirit we know, through His direction when to give and when to not.
      There is a great book called, “When Helping Hurts.” You might enjoy it and help understand some of this issue.
      The author does a great job challenging us to think about what we are called to do – like every other command, we must wrestle through what that looks like in our daily lives.
      The bottom line – how do we daily live out what God has called us to do. Remembering that we are only responsible for our obedience! Ask Him in this situation – what do I personally need to do? Then do that!

      1. Wow. I will be buying that book Kasey and Paula – I am praying for you, and those you have written about. Afterall, He came to set the captives free right? Luvs.

  3. Paula – they do this cheer at basketball when the other team is shooting a free throw – You. can’t. make. it. – Can’t make it.
    I have been singing all morning – I. don’t. like. it. Don’t like it! Fits perfect.

  4. There is so much going on in my mind, it’s hard to put into words. A big part of me is still in the mode y’all talked about last week – I want to close the book and bury it under a pile so I don’t have to go any further. I’m already in a life of reevaluation and redirection – does God really want more? How much can He really expect from one person?

    In the questions above, you ask what do I find appealing in following Jesus at the bottom. That’s easy – to follow in His footsteps is a worthy enough venture. It’s what I strive for, to be more Christ like. But I have limitations. Like Jen talks about, we worry about our houses, cars, even the church we go to. And I look at my nice house, my usable car, and the nice church I go to and I see where I have gotten into the ‘groove’ (because I don’t believe in ruts!). But where do I begin on changing that?

    I think you’re right that we have to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that He give us direction, and also motivation. I’m doing a study and reading the book Power of a Praying Wife, because my marriage has shifted these last 5 months since having our son. The first chapter of her book, she tells the women to pray for themselves – to ask God to change them. So everyday I have been asking God to change me. I think that’s where it all begins. Asking God to change what I’m too stuck/fearful/unwilling to.

    Sorry for the rambling, but I’m better at talking than I am writing. 🙂

    1. I love where you are – it’s the willingness to look at ourselves and go the next step. To get a bit deeper with HIm each time. To be willing to listen and obey. It sounds so easy doesn’t it?

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