The Big Bossier Snow Storm

Facebook is full of pictures of my Bossier friends covered in snow, LSU and Saints snowmen, kids out playing in the snow. Many were up with their kids before 6am to play in the snow – and school had been cancelled- they could have sleep in. You would think they have never seen snow before. Oh wait, many haven’t. Jackson came home from school yesterday and was completely shocked that some kids in his class had NEVER seen snow. His teacher even went so far as to video the kids playing in the snow.  The town was full of excitement – school closed the day before the snow storm. The town shut down. This was a big deal. SNOW.

Now, having just moved from Colorado – I would just as soon never see snow again. But, nonetheless, we have an inch or two. Yes, we closed school for an inch. Hey, I am not complaining. It was nice to a free day.

But I have been thinking how excited everyone is and how I barely even gave the snow a second thought. It kind of makes me think of our Christian walk. You know how when you first get saved or you are totally on fire for the Lord. You are excited about everything. It is a huge deal, then you walk with the Lord for awhile and things barely even get a second thought. Remember the days when you were so darn excited to see what God was going to do? Remember when you were excited to wake up early to spend time in His word? Does it barely get a second thought now?

I distinctly remember when I saw my first real snow flake. I was waiting in the car and watching the snow fall and it fell just right so I could see that snowflakes really are real. I mean each flake is a perfect snowflake. I couldn’t believe it. All those paper snowflakes I had cut out in elementary really were real. I was amazed at a God who could make inch after inch after inch (you get the point) of perfect snow flakes.

Let’s all ask God today to be amazed once again at Him.

Psalms 119:120 “My flesh trembles in fear of you; I stand in awe of your laws.”


2 thoughts on “The Big Bossier Snow Storm

  1. We are on similar wavelengths these days. I just wrote something about how the snow made me stop and notice stuff I don’t normally give a second glance.

    And the good thing about our snow? It’s here and then it’s not!

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