No Respect

“Never kick a man when he is down.”

How many times have we heard that? We don’t take advantage of others when they are down and discouraged. We have certain rules, unspokens that guide us.  Just the other day at Drew’s basketball game I watched him temporarily lose his mind, thinking he was playing football, and shoulder a boy to the ground. Then he walked off. Are you kidding me? Immediately after the game, I informed him that if he ever did that again and didn’t help the other player up, he was done–as in, Mom walks over to the coach and benches her own son right in front of the world. There are rules, manners, pleasantries . . . they must be followed. (and obviously, taught to our children)

After Jake died, I assumed that I would get a certain amount of leeway. I was the grieving mom, give me a break. Everyone complied except for one person. The one person I least expected, the one person I didn’t even think about, the one person who could send me reeling–Satan. Now, I am not one to blame Satan for every punch but I did find out that he fights dirty and he kicks you when you are down. He doesn’t respect your tender heart.  He digs the knife a little deeper. He doesn’t back off, giving you time to recover.  He steps in, ready to deal the next blow. He kicks you when you are down and assaults you when you are flying high. He deals blows when you least expect it. “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” I Peter 5:8.

Just be ready. Don’t be discouraged. “No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37. There is victory. But to win, one must engage in the battle. There is a fight going on.

Fight Well.


4 thoughts on “No Respect

  1. Hi Kasey, I belong the RMC in Colorado Springs its good to see your doing well. I remember you speaking at a moms group a long time ago and being touched by your story. I would love to join your bible study. I hope its not too late.

  2. I am attaching this comment that I read on another post about an entirely different thing but thought was good here and followed this up nicely. It is from
    Here is what she says:
    “I believe most assuredly that we are in a fierce battle against satan in this world. But I don’t want to give him any extra credit. Sometimes I think we attribute things to satan that are merely the results of our bad choices because we have a sinful nature that we have to fight alongside our battle with satan.”

  3. This is such a true post, Kasey.

    We do have to be ever mindful of our enemy. And I think a lot of our fight has to do with what we were talking about in Sunday School yesterday: our attitude towards the events. Whether we’re going to do something about it or just sit and whine and complain.

    Re: the comment from my post. I’ve noticed I have a tendency to gravitate toward either extreme. Either to take lightly the fact that I am daily engaged in serious, dangerous warfare with a true enemy OR to blame satan on everything without taking responsibility for my own part. Don’t you think?

    1. Yes. What ever made me think he would give me a break when I hurt the most?

      I, too, struggle with the balance of it all. Then I think – where is balance in the Bible and I can send myself in a tailspin. You know, like the quote I sent you from Juliet. “I argue myself all the way to one end of the question and back again several times a day.” That is ME~

      I loved the balance of your comment. How do I learn to stay in the “middle grounds?”

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