The Power of Words

Jackson is in kindergarden this year. This age is my favorite. It is the age where I teach our boys how to read and write. Jackson does go to public school but teaching our kids to read is very important to me. I take extra time each day to work with him. I spend many hours of my day up at school tutoring (we call it brain training) kids so they excel in this very important area.

It has been so much fun to watch Jackson as he has learned (thanks to Wowzabrain) how to read and write. Each Friday, Jackson’s teacher sends home the work for the week. This is what I have found in his folder.

Jackson wrote: “sorry for getting a red but i still love you.” (they have a color system at school and J had to pull a red because of talking)

Teacher response: ” I love you too but you must mind me.”


The next week, we found this.

Jackson’s work page: His worksheet is missing most of the “work” but has lots of hearts and a message telling his teacher how much he loves her.

Teacher response: “focus”

Do you notice a theme??

Fast forward to bedtime. Jackson was in his bed playing and not sleeping. Brad went in to Jackson to discipline and talk to him about what he was supposed to be doing. (Not playing with his animals but sleeping.) A few minutes later I went to see if he indeed went to bed.

I found this under the door.

Brad did leave him a note similar to his teacher’s note. We love you so much – me make you mind. It is our job.

I love that he is learning to express himself through words, the good and bad.

Now it is time to teach him this


3 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. OH…little Jackson. I am sure that he is growing so quickly. I read that and would just hear him saying those words. What a sweet heart. You know, Kasey, you have a special boy there. A teacher might think he needs to Focus, but not me, not with sweet notes like that. I LOVE THAT KID!!!! Please give him a squeeze hug today from his old friends here in snowy CO. Corrine said the other day that she misses playing with Jackson (he let her ‘mother’ him which is what Corrine likes to do).
    Love y’all!

    1. Oh Paula! I thought the same thing! He is the sweetest thing ever. I read him your comment and he just lit up! It was so sweet of you to think of him. Miss you and glad we are back to doing bible study together!

  2. Dear Kasey,

    (probably not the right place for this, but I lost your email)

    Was looking through our inbound links because we just finished rebuilding our site and I found a BUNCH from your blog! Thank you for all your kind mentions of us.

    I’m not a social media person or a blog reader, so I was shocked to see that Drew is 21 (so is Moriah). Also, belated congratulations on your book! If you Ewings had stayed where it gets cold, we wouldn’t have to be surprised about anything. But, I trust you’re where the Lord has planted you, just as we are.

    Back to our site: I think we’ve helped some of your readers over the years, so you’ll be interested to know we’ve updated our program and delivery model to make WowzaBrain easier to use. That also allowed us to lower our price by 60%. Who does that?

    Please take a look at Let your readers know if you think it’s worth mentioning, and please tell us if you know someone else who would find it interesting. Lastly, tell all your boys (that includes Brad) we asked about ’em.

    Continued Grace and Peace,


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