Tell Me Your Favorite

I am working on a little project. Instead of sitting down and writing a book – a task that is too daunting for me to handle. I am reworking some blog posts into what will hopefully, one day, be a chapters to a book.

Small, baby steps.

I would love your help.

Would you mind taking a minute and telling me what posts you remember, you like, you didn’t like (ok, maybe not that), what you want to hear more about, what you are sick of hearing about (I won’t promise to oblige but I will consider 🙂

You get the point. . . I need you!!

Think Tom Cruise .  . . “you complete me.”

Or LeAnn Rimes singing “I need you . . . like water, like breath, like rain . . .”



4 thoughts on “Tell Me Your Favorite

  1. I enjoyed you sharing being pregnant – in college and stepping back into church. Too many kids/adults feel like they have to be perfect or that there are too many hypocrites in church for them to just go.

    What made you decide – I have to?
    What motivates someone to move past all the people and influence and reach up out of the muck and mire for the only One that can save them?

    What should we as believers be doing to ecourage and help them reach?

    I see people walk into church everyweek with diaper bags, strollers and many kids and no one asks if they need help. Sure someone might say “hi.” but that doesn’t really love on them and make them welcome does it?

    Your testamony of God using you in that same church later and those people loving on you anyways could be such an encouragement for the church to get involved in someones life that they don’t know. Take the time to care to show He cares.

    That’s mine =)

  2. I love hearing the stories you tell about your kids and what God has taught you and Brad through tragedy. Also, I am SO enjoying your stories about the school your church adopted. Those stories inspire me to get out of my world and get into the world of people who need what I have – Jesus most of all, but even the talents and gifts that He has given me. I think if more people out there realized that they have something to give and they would get up and give it this world would be a better place!! Of course, I am one of your biggest fans so I will read anything you write! Love you!

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