A New Year

It is coming soon, I can’t believe – 2010. I remember when I thought Y2K was going to blow up all the computers and tv’s. Now, here we are, approaching 2010.

I am anxious to see all that God has planned for this year, since I am still breathing – I still have a purpose! HIS purpose.

Brad and I stayed up late one night and wrote down where we thought God was leading us in the next year. We wrote a list of what we felt He was drawing us towards, what He wanted us to focus on. I want to be open to His leading but don’t want to be so busy that I don’t do anything well.

One thing I know for certain, time in His Word is high on my priority list. Here is the book I am going to use this year as my devotion guide.

I have never had a give-away on here but I thought, why not try something new to celebrate our new year?

I will give away a free copy if you comment and tell me one thing you think God wants you to accomplish this year.


3 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Great post Kase!!! I like the idea of writing out a list of where He is leading you.

    I believe that this year the Lord wants me to live in a more joyous state of trust in Him. I trust Him always, but not always with such joy, and I believe that this is a theme that He keeps bringing to my heart. He has provided for us in SUCH a mighty way (as you know) and I think that it is part of what He’s called me to do to glorify Him through that.

    Love and miss you.

  2. I too love the idea of sitting down WITH MY HUSBAND and writing out where we think the Lord is leading us.

    It fits in perfectly with the main thing I think God wants me to accomplish this coming year: Focus On Putting My Family Before Others…. especially my Husband. I am so good about ministering to so many other people, but God is really showing me that I’ve been negecting my husband. : (

    Happy New Year Kasey!!

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