When You Care Enough

Oh, I wish I could show you all the pictures from yesterday and my trip to see Santa with my “adopted” school. I had a blast with my new “sweetheart” yesterday. We walked around, held hands and sang Christmas carols while riding on the trolly. But I have to tell, I am now in love with every last one of them. Talk about stealing a girls heart right out from under her. I didn’t know my heart had so much room.

Were they extra good for me? No, not really. They still did what young kids do – see something cool and run off to look at it.

Were any fits thrown? Yes, just a few.

Were they extra clean and smelling good? No, not really.

Were some of them hungry, cold, and tired? Yes, very much so.

Were they precious? Yes, beyond words.

Ever once thought you didn’t matter here? I offer one suggestion: find a group of kids who truly need the love of an adult poured on them. You will see how important just one life can become.  It wasn’t much I did (two hours out of my day), but now I have made a whole classroom of “sweethearts.”  I was entrusted with Christmas wishes, the most gorgeous smiles with rotten teeth you have ever seen, hands to hold that were covered in rashes, burns, and scars, and most importantly, hearts to entice to the love of Jesus.  I left yesterday morning praying to be a “light” to each one of these kids yet God showered me with His love through them.  Each child sat in my lap, held my hand, wanted their picture with me, to wear my jacket, or make pictures with my camera. I felt like the queen of the ball. I did nothing to deserve their attention yet they drenched me with it. Why? I was something out of the ordinary for them. I was a special treat for these kids. I pray for a downpour of HIS love on each one of them right now.

My heart feels like it is exploding right now with a mixture of passion and rage. I want to help so much, yet don’t know where to start. I am so furious at the mistreatment yet exhilarated to have found a pure passion that steals one heart – making it easy to pour out my love on them. Many of us have said that parenting makes us understand a little about Jesus’ love for us. Once you experience the love you have for your kids you can understand to some degree how much God loves us. Today, I think I understand His love to a new depth.

You know that Hallmark commercial, “When you care enough to send the very best.” That is what God did. He cared about us so much – HE sent the very best – JESUS.

In parenting, I began to see God’s love for us. In falling head of over heels in love with complete strangers, the understanding bleeds a little deeper. He saw our need, our rottenness, our scars, our rashes, our helplessness and He just couldn’t help himself – He sent His Son to die, to pour out His life for us. Why? Because He is head over heels in love with you. How do I know? God’s Word says and I feel just a small portion of that right now: Must act out of the love in me.

Listen to this song:

How He Loves

Who do you know that needs to be poured on?

How can you find a group of kids who need you to be the one light in their ordinarily dark world?

P.S. This weekend my dad preached at our church and used this acrostic for LIGHT

L – Learn to be content

I- Ignore little things – they don’t matter

G- Give Out of Who You Are

H- Have a Plan – A Way to Enter Their World – Jesus sent a star to show others where He was (We are that star now, pointing people to Jesus)

T- Tell Yourself Who You Are – YOU are now the LIGHT  – GO SHINE!!

** For the doer’s in the bunch : Touch – Don’t let the task overcome the touch

40“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ Matt. 25:40


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